Compassionate Healthcare

13,000visits to the Clinic each year

A nurse managed health center, GLIDE HEALTH SERVICES places you at the center of care and addresses your total health needs using an integrated service model.

Focusing on the homeless and poor, we provide affordable, accessible and quality healthcare and offer a full range of traditional health care services, as well as mental health, substance abuse, non-Western medicine and specific programs focusing on testing and prevention of HIV/AIDS and the treatment of diabetes.


Health Services

The patient experience at GLIDE is something we would all like as our own.  We provide high quality, comprehensive, culturally competent primary care and wellness services to the medically underserved. We have seen an incredible need for our healthcare programs with a nearly 20% increase in patient visits this year alone.


Welcome to Health Services

Behavioral Health

We ensure that mental health and substance use services are integrated into primary care, in addition to providing dedicated behavioral health services. We help people heal by listening with our whole attention, and offering respect through our care and treatment. Health is all encompassing:  mind, body and soul.


 Welcome to Behavioral Health

Recovery Program

We help people heal by standing with that person. We help people heal by involving ourselves in healthy aspects of their recovery, giving and receiving life sustaining information, and sharing it through love and support and remembering healing is a life long journey.


Welcome to the Recovery Program

HIV/Hep C Prevention and Harm Reduction Services

Find out your HIV or Hepatitis C status, get new syringes and works, or train in overdose prevention.


Welcome to HIV/Hep C Prevention and Harm Reduction Services

Wellness Center

GLIDE's Wellness Center offers healthy activities and classes including Acupuncture, Pharmacy Classes, Pain Management, Smoking Cessation, and Mental Health Support Groups. The Wellness Center is located on the fifth floor of GLIDE, 330 Ellis St.


Welcome to the Wellness Center

Community Health Partnerships

We celebrate our community of health partners for their commitment to providing quality care and access for San Francisco’s individuals and families in need.


Welcome to Community Health Partnerships

GLIDE  330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 | 415.674.6000

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