2014 GLIDE Emerging Leaders Interns Represent!

Join GLIDE in welcoming the 2014 GLIDE Emerging Leaders Interns! Monday, June 16th was the first day for the 2014 Interns, who will be spending the next ten weeks at GLIDE working, learning, and participating in community with us. This is the 12th year of the program, whose mission is to introduce the next generation of community leaders to GLIDE’s practices of radical acceptance, inclusion, and bold service. Isoke Femi, GLIDE’s Coordinator for the Emerging Leaders Program shares, “The transformative aspect of GLIDE’s mission is core to the leadership training. The hope is that transformed minds will transform culture.

2014 GLIDE Emerging Leaders Program
2014 GLIDE Emerging Leaders Program

“This internship is our gift to the next generation — 10 weeks of both raw and distilled experiences in practicing acceptance, circulating love, and getting your hands into the work,” shares James Lin, Co-Director of Human Resources Organizational Integration. “Having worked with college students for over 20 years, I know the extraordinary gifts they can bring to an organization, both spiritually and in very practical terms. I had a student who had run a successful Congressional campaign before he even graduated from college. There are no limits on what is possible.”

This year’s interns include five UC Berkeley students supported by the Epworth Trust, as well as six additional students from schools as far away as Birmingham, Alabama and Elizabeth, New Jersey. Each of them is thrilled to have this opportunity, and GLIDE is looking forward to seeing their gifts flourish here. James further adds, “Student interns infuse our programs with new streams of inspiration — they’re like that ribbon of fudge in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s that makes the ice cream all the more fresh and delicious. Their awe reminds us of all the reasons we committed to this work, their questions help us see new opportunities, and their growth challenges us to keep up with them.”

The students will be spending the next two weeks in immersion, followed by a placement in a program or department across GLIDE. When you see these young people at GLIDE in the programs, hallways, classrooms, offices, and across GLIDE’s social platforms, please take a moment to welcome these young adults into your part of GLIDE’s world.

The 2014 GLIDE Emerging Leaders Interns are:

“Throughout my time here at GLIDE, I hope to positively impact the lives of others, as well as learn about myself and during this journey. I love to watch baseball games with my family, camp, and read.” – Anabel Razo, University of California, Merced
“I hope to transform my world view, and to continually grow in compassion, and understanding in order to create positive change in the GLIDE community. I love the color purple, eating salami and watching sunsets.” – Anita Lin, University of California, Berkeley
“My name is Delaney, and I am one of the emerging leaders. I am just overall excited to learn so much about the community and be a part of this loving family. I come from the mostly foggy city of Daly City, and my hobbies include theater, hanging out with people, and spending too much time on social media!!” – Delaney Woo, University of California, Berkeley
“I’m studying psychology, dance and performance, and disability studies at Berkeley, and am super interested in how all of the arts play a role in people’s lives. In my free time I dance, read, write, hang out, make excessive amounts of to do lists, try new dishes (cooking and eating), and boss people around. 🙂 I want to learn to stretch with love and wisdom at GLIDE!” – Elissa Lee, University of California, Berkeley
“I am so stoked to be working at GLIDE this summer because it is such a powerful and truly impactful organization. I hope to build relationships with clients, staff, and interns alike, grow in my experience here, and learn and partake in the approaches that GLIDE takes in combating poverty and marginalization. In my spare time, I am an avid baker (and make some mean cake balls), an aspiring professional eater, and I lead a secret double life as an aqua ninja, spending 18+ hours in a pool every week, saving the world one wave at a time and going by the alias Jack-Attack.” – Jackie Tran, Pomona College
“In this GLIDE Emerging Leaders Internship process, I hope to develop my own inner strength, practical skills and knowledge in order to truly engage in and implement community projects that work to reduce social injustice and disparities of opportunity. I am excited to be able to work with such incredible people in the GLIDE community and also in an organization that has such a diverse range of thoughtful, compassionate programs that work with an underserved population. Since childhood, I have always loved milk, hot Cheetos, watching television and imagining fictional stories as reality.” – James Huynh, University of California, Berkeley
“I am very excited to expand my horizon and understanding of the people I wish to positively impact in the future. Uncovering the truths of our reality in the emerging leaders program with help get to know myself in a way I would have never discovered on my own. I enjoy collaborating creatively with others and playing softball.” – Kiyana Merritt, Elizabeth City State University
“I’m a book-lover, wanderer and life-enthusiast. I want to learn how to be more radically inclusive in all aspects of my life.” – Marisa Sitz, Birmingham Southern College
“Through my internship at GLIDE, I hope to learn, love, and live in completely new ways. I’m passionate about empowering the world’s youth through education and community support and I’m so excited to be a part of Glide’s mission to embrace radical inclusivity.Some of my interests are teaching, baking, painting, and cross-country running.” – Morgan Hicks, University of California, Berkeley
“I hope to gain insight into myself and the human condition, learning from hands on interaction, stories, and practice. The atmosphere at GLIDE makes me excited to experience new situations and learn from my failures. I am energetic, love theater and storytelling, and believe that traveling (both physically and mentally) is one of the most important aspects of experiencing life.” – Sofia DeMay, University of California, Los Angeles


“I hope to see humanity like never before in my life and open my heart to as much as possible. I’m a Stanford student studying creative writing, I’m fascinated by spirituality, and can’t wait for this summer.” – Tommy Ford, Stanford University