We are a Community!

by Mike Kim, Board Member and Legacy Committee Chair

I can still recall the grocery bags lined in a row; frozen turkeys peeking through the top.

I was in high school, unaware of the legacy and work of GLIDE, but had crossed the bay to volunteer with fellow classmates. Little did I know, that memory would visit me again in the form of a lifetime love with a home called GLIDE.

Every day we bring together the fractions of our life. Whether it’s traveling to work, visiting the gym, or laughing with friends, we are constantly arranging the pieces to finish the puzzle.

However, it is only when we step aside, and recognize that the true color of our lives are delivered by the pieces of others, that we begin to realize the importance of taking care of not only ourselves, but those around us.

It is this lesson that GLIDE has instilled in me, and for which I am forever grateful. We are a community, built not on the shoulders of ourselves but in the hands of our neighbor, and through GLIDE I am reminded of that mission and embrace loving unconditionally.
I would be remiss to say that loving unconditionally is easy though, and I find myself struggling with it daily. However, as many of you can attest, Cecil and Jan have a funny way of creeping into your head when you need some guidance. “The Look” has a permanent home in my head. I’d have it no other way.
Through my time at GLIDE, my passion has been focused on empowering a new generation with the ideals set forth by Cecil and Jan.

Last year, we put together the Legacy Committee, the first Young Professionals committee in GLIDE’s history. to take on the responsibility of reaching out to the vast youth network in the Bay Area to become a part of GLIDE’s mission.

This talented group has focused on volunteer efforts, raising funds, and spreading the word about GLIDE to create future generations of young philanthropists.

Our largest event of the year is the GLIDE Legacy Gala, Saturday July 9th. We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the legacy of GLIDE’s work, one that can start with a simple memory of a grocery bag with a frozen turkey, just waiting to fill the soul of a bright future ahead!