Developing Leaders

At GLIDE, we believe in the concept of "leading from within." That means creating a work environment where staff at every level develop and embody their unique value to GLIDE's mission.

GLIDE's staff development programs emphasize empowerment, self-awareness, intercultural skills, and the ability to collaborate in teams. We are becoming the beloved community we seek to promote.

Bring Down The House

The Cultural Journey

A three-day intensive experience of GLIDE's mission, culture, and practice for all new employees. Through storytelling, serving meals, engaging with leadership, and participating in recovery circles, the Cultural Journey invites staff to join as co-creators of GLIDE's story of inclusion, acceptance, and liberation. Over time, each of us also discovers a unique synergy between GLIDE's mission and our own personal stories of transformation.



If you are a non-profit group, church, or corporation seeking technical assistance related to GLIDE's internal leadership development programs, please contact our Organizational Integration Department at

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