A Greener GLIDE

by Terry Zukoski, Facilities Director and Green Team Lead

Recently, a green designer who did some work at GLIDE, Denyse Jones, approached me to do some green or sustainable advising for GLIDE.  She brought in a team of student consultants, Bay-area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network (BEACN) led by Garrett Shepherd, Project Manager.

Denyse applied to have the student-consultants work here at GLIDE for a semester project.  Our application was successful and we had a team assigned to us, Ian Black, Jerson Cruz, Scott Kaplan, Diana Lee, Sean Lee, and Garrett Shepherd. Most of them were in environmental/business studies, in their Junior or Senior years at University of California, Berkeley.

They settled on providing GLIDE a document which highlighted potential green projects that could be funded by a donor or foundation.  In order to accomplish this they thoroughly audited our current energy consumption, best practices, employee behavior as it relates to transportation, water usage, and local environment. Since I was there contact point, I was busy feeding them information throughout the fall, copies of energy bills, explanation of past practices, current mechanical systems, and building functionality.

The final document, a 23-page document called The GLIDE Green Guide was accompanied by a technically minded insider 40-page document called The GLIDE Sustainability Report are highly useful documents, full of great sustainable ideas to save money, make it more comfortable here, or make it easier to fund raise around capital projects.

Together, we are working on building a greener GLIDE!

For additional information about GLIDE’s green initiatives or to see the GLIDE Green Guide or GLIDE Sustainability Report, please contact Terry Zukoski at tzukoski@glide.org.