A Message from GLIDE Leadership

Dear GLIDE Friends,

The Holiday season is ramping up and GLIDE is busy preparing for this hopeful time of year for our community. We are also rolling out our new strategic plan, GLIDE Forward, which includes exciting initiatives that help us serve this City even better. We are grateful to all of you who so actively support GLIDE’s evolution and its next generation of service throughout the Bay Area. Thank you.

We want to provide an update on the situation with current leadership of the United Methodist Church, and the measures we have taken to protect GLIDE and our community. Regional Bishop Minerva Carcaño has continued her efforts to assert authority over GLIDE’s church, including by making false claims about GLIDE’s founders. We have taken strong actions to resist these efforts to turn GLIDE’s church into a more traditional United Methodist Church, a change that would compromise GLIDE’s values of radical inclusion and unconditional love, and its growing services for the most marginalized.

Despite our differences of opinion, we believe in the power of mutual respect and engaged dialogue. We have repeatedly asked Bishop Carcaño to talk with us, so that we can find mutually beneficial solutions. To date, however, she has declined our invitations to talk.

Meanwhile, we have spared no effort in protecting the GLIDE we all love, including our legacy, our assets, and the community we serve. We have strengthened our governance structure and made sure that GLIDE’s assets are protected. We have supported the establishment of two new entities to ensure continuity of care and operations for our community. The first is a nonprofit that will track funding to important social service programs and further strengthen our protection of donor intent—so that those who seek to invest in GLIDE’s social service programs can be even more confident that every dollar will benefit those programs. The second is a nonprofit alternative structure for our church, called Glide Community Church, which we currently do not plan to use, but which is available if it ever becomes necessary to ensure continuity of GLIDE’s iconic Sunday Celebrations, which continue to thrive.

We hope Bishop Carcaño will rejoin us in dialogue, and we are prepared should she pursue a different path.

We continue to rely upon the strength of our Beloved Community as we serve the growing number of poor and marginalized in our City. Thank you for your support. We look forward to enjoying fellowship with you at Celebration, volunteering with you to serve our City, and joining with you to share love and joy unconditionally this Holiday season and beyond.

In love and solidarity,

Karen Hanrahan, President & CEO
Rita Shimmin, Executive Director
Board of Trustees of the Glide Foundation:
Kaye Foster, Chair
Michael L. Warren, Secretary/Treasurer
Crickette Brown Glad
John Philip Coghlan
Paula R. Collins
Lars Dalgaard
Amy Errett
Paul M. Fleming
Erby L. Foster, Jr.
Mary Glide
Nicole Harris
Christopher Lord
Shireen McSpadden
Janice Mirikitani, Co-Founder
Rev. Cecil Williams, Co-Founder
Phillip Zackler