A Servant for Good

by Issac Acosta,  GLIDE Health Services Administrative Intern

Humans are naturally inclined to alleviate pain, end hunger, and eliminate the oppression of others, irrespective of people’s race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and religion. GLIDE is the physical embodiment of this belief and is evidence that this natural inclination has not been completely suppressed by our increasingly individualistic society. Working at GLIDE has allowed me to put these beliefs in practice and go against the trends of our country that leads to more hunger, more injustice, and more disrespect for human dignity.

Before coming to GLIDE, I understood that our society was a paradoxical and quite frankly a schizophrenic one. By that I mean, that despite our country’s overabundance of food, shelter, and resources and our reputation as being the best country to grace this green earth, there still are people that go sleep hungry, not knowing where there next meal is going to come from, and cold. I believe that everyone who works at GLIDE shares these beliefs in some shape or form, which is why I decided to surround myself with people who make it their duty to serve the under-served.

Fortunately, I have not been in the same situations as the people we provide services for. However, I did grow up in of the most impoverished counties in California, Imperial County. Experiencing hardships and seeing my family struggle with underemployment and lesser access to basic social services made me sensitive to the needs of others. I see all people as my family. I see them as people that have been mistreated by invisible men and women through subtle yet insidious policies, rules, decisions—actions that were out of their control. People need help, that much is known. I wanted to part of that help. I wanted to be a servant for good.

Working at GLIDE has also reinforced my belief that despite hardships and obstacles, people are resilient and want to do everything to better themselves and live meaningful lives—this is a fact that is often overlooked when people think of our particular population. I have also met some of the most interesting and loving people here at GLIDE. All it takes is having an open mind and heart to really learn from people and share experiences.

Despite only working here for a few months, I wholeheartedly believe that everyone at GLIDE is an integral input in the mission to create a safer, healthier and safer world. There is still hope and it will only continue to grow as places like GLIDE continue to reach out to the community. I believe that actions should be guided by respect for human life and dignity. GLIDE is guided by this philosophy. It is my philosophy. It should be the philosophy of everyone.

As a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, I am working on a managed MediCal project that will better equip patients and providers in a new health care system. My project is guided by the aforementioned beliefs and will hopefully enable people to access the care they are entitled to.