An Amazing Year for the Women’s Center

by Talilah Douglas, Women’s Center Case Manager and Domestic Violence Specialist

We have had an amazing year in the Women’s Center. Women have continued to come to our Women On The Move drop in group. And we have seen over the past few years the group become more and more of a community. Last year we began a program called Moving Beyond Survival,  designed for women who are ready to work on themselves on a deeper level. The program includes 3 phases each lasting about 7 weeks. The women learn about internal/external resources and how to make “outrageous requests” to ask for what they really want (phase 1). In phase 2, we search to find out the root of abuse and trauma. This allows us to no longer walk in darkness but to have a clear connection to the past and how it has affected our present. In Phase 3, we begin to make shifts from where we were to where we want to be. We shape and mold ourselves into our full potential self, we forgive ourselves and with all the tools we gained from all three groups walk into the new life we have found. On October 19th, two women completed all three phases and graduated from the program. They spoke and were honored at a celebration service in November. One of the graduate’s has since received housing and is now working. The other graduate was accepted into a program at SFSU and became a peer mental health specialist this month.

Recently, the Women’s Center also celebrated the Art of Moving Beyond Survival, a special exhibit in GLIDE’s creative space. The exhibit focused on Poverty, Domestic Violence and Homelessness, and featured art from the Women’s Center’s women, including photos they took, written stories and oral expression. It was designed to educate and tell the stories of women with the hope that other people will begin to see what we must all do to heal and stop violence… and perhaps be compelled to give to the Women’s Center programs. The exhibit has since left Glide and has begun to tour first around California, and eventually the rest of the country.
There is no where else that does the work that we do in the Women’s Center to help, love support, and encourage women to make long term change in their  lives!