An Assault on Our Democracy

Dear Community,

Yesterday, we witnessed the violent breach of our nation’s Capitol in an attempt to sabotage one of the most symbolic of our democratic processes, the certification of the electoral vote. While we can point to the President for his calculated incitement of chaos and insurgency, the images we saw streaming from the halls of Congress are emblematic of a much more powerful force and historic division within our country rooted in white privilege, racism and violence. 

What we witnessed is a deep-seated fear of our country’s future, fear of an inclusive America and an unwillingness to recognize the voice and vote of the American people demanding a more just and equitable path forward.

Despite this demonstration of division and hate, our Congress came together and certified the election of President-elect Joe Biden. The November election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris illustrates the power of our citizens to bring about change. Earlier this week voters in Georgia made history by electing Democrats Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, the first  Black  and  Jewish  men, respectively, to serve as US Senators for the historically red state.  Each of these events demonstrates faith in our democracy, our nation, and the power of the ballot. 

This month, America honors the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The leadership, activism and political advocacy efforts of Dr. King and other Civil Rights leaders are the foundation from which current progressive voter registration efforts—led by contemporary African American leaders—resulted in the pivotal changes in the Oval Office and in Georgia. Fueled by hard work and a deep commitment to change, these historic achievements are encouraging and demonstrate strong faith in our democracy.

We will likely face more contentious days ahead. We continue to rally against the pandemic, which is taking a toll on our economy, communities of color and our collective spirits.

At GLIDE, we hold steadfastly to our core values of unconditional love, radical inclusion, and a commitment to racial and social justice. These values continue to guide our efforts to dismantle systemic inequities, build bridges of commonality and serve those who are most in need. Our work and commitment to our values are crucial today more than ever. 

In solidarity, 

Karen  Hanrahan

President and CEO, GLIDE