Another Remarkable and Resilient Year at GLIDE!

Hello GLIDE Community,

As 2021 comes to a close, and I reflect back upon this year, I feel such gratitude – and even awe – for the way GLIDE has continued to grow, change, and serve this city better than ever, even in the face of a global pandemic. For decades, the only constant at GLIDE has been change. GLIDE has always evolved to meet the needs of the people it serves. We continued that tradition as we adapted during the pandemic and found creative ways to help more people stay safe, healthy, and housed. Through it all, we continued to build the next generation of GLIDE and develop new and improved ways to help our city and its residents address the crises on all of our doorsteps. It is this progress – and the pragmatic optimism of our staff – that gives me hope even at a time when so much in the world seems to be pulling in the opposite direction.

GLIDE is transforming and growing to have greater impact in this city. And we are doing so while always maintaining our foundation of unconditional love and acceptance. In 2021, GLIDE’s evolution could be seen in our focus on systems change – the influence we have had on laws and policies that impact homelessness, hunger, racial equity, addiction and more. And in our growing presence in more places, from encampments to new neighborhoods, all with the aim of helping people change their lives for good.

This year, more than ever, we celebrate our staff and the communities that support them – board members, donors, community partners, and congregants. Countless people contributed in countless ways to ensure that our community made it through this pandemic. Our staff and supporters provided vaccines, healthcare, education, food, access to housing, harm reduction, and, perhaps most importantly, the hope, love and inspiration needed to keep going.

These things do not happen by magic. They come to fruition because of consistent support. The food gets from farm to table because of staff and volunteers like you – people that show up at early morning hours to sort, pack, and share. This year, our events once again reflected the loving and joy-filled community of GLIDE via our celebration at the Holiday Jam, our welcoming feast for all at Thanksgiving, our city-wide distribution of food and hope at Grocery Bag Giveaway, and our joyful celebration at Toy Wonderland… all attended by many of you.

So it is with deep appreciation and gratitude – and love for ALL that GLIDE is – that I wish you all a happy and joyful holiday season.

In solidarity,

Karen Hanrahan
President & CEO, GLIDE

(@KarenJHanrahan) · Twitter