Warren Buffet Power Auction Livestream FAQ

If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties with our livestream, please review the following items:

  1. Check your Internet connectivity – Bandwidth can be a lively culprit. Make sure to check your bandwith as well as the speed of your Internet. Switch to a different connection if the current one is not working for you.
  2. Switch to a different streaming platform – If your Internet is running smoothly then you should be able to view a livestream on any platform. If one isn’t working, try another.
  3. Clear your browser cache and your cookies – If you have not emptied your cache or cleaned your browser of cookies, it can pile up and slow down the functioning of your browser viewing experience.
  4. Update your browser, media player, or operating system, if necessary – Updates generally bring along improvements and remove bugs that might be present in your current versions.
  5. Update your graphics driver – To resolve any video streaming problems, you must always keep your graphics card driver up to date.
  6. Be patient while your video buffers – Sometimes you may have to pause the video which you plan to watch and let it buffer completely (meaning preload all of the data). When you can see that it has made some progress, go ahead and play the video.

If you’re still experiencing technical problems with your livestream after having reviewed these items, you may reach out for support at these numbers to the following GLIDE individuals:

Byron (415) 674-6159
Ismail (415) 674-6098