Glide Memorial Church Expresses Thanks to Departing GLIDE Foundation CEO Karen Hanrahan

*NOTE TO REPORTERS/EDITORS:  Glide Memorial Church is the correct name for the spiritual community and church at 330 Ellis Street. Glide Memorial Church is a separate non-profit organization, with a subsidiary relationship to the GLIDE Foundation. The GLIDE Foundation, or GLIDE, organizes and provides the Daily Free Meals and other social services and social justice programs at 330 Ellis Street. When referring to GLIDE social services and programs, please use the correct name, GLIDE Foundation, or simply GLIDE, rather than the name of the church.

December 9, 2022

Megan Rohrer, 415-827-2587

Glide Memorial Church Expresses Thanks to Departing GLIDE Foundation CEO Karen Hanrahan

SAN FRANCISCO – Glide Memorial Church thanks Karen Hanrahan for her service as she steps down from her role as President and CEO of the Glide Foundation. GLIDE Board member Malcolm Walter will serve as Interim CEO. In January 2023, Glide Memorial Church will join the GLIDE Foundation in opportunities to celebrate her work.

“We give thanks to God for Karen’s leadership at the GLIDE Foundation,” said Marvin K. White, Glide Memorial Church’s Minister of Celebration. “The past few years have been difficult for all who experience homelessness and hunger in San Francisco and Karen shepherded transitions that helped the GLIDE Foundation take our lifesaving programs to the streets.”

During the search for a new leader, the GLIDE Foundation will be led by interim CEO Malcolm Walter. Glide Memorial Church will continue to be led by its Minister of Celebration, Martin K. White and its Board of Directors.

“During the transition at the GLIDE Foundation, Glide Memorial Church will remain a beacon of hope and a sanctuary for those who have been outcast,” said Reggie Johnson, Chair of the Glide Memorial Church Board of Directors. “Glide Memorial Church will continue pray, advocate and provoke justice. We celebrate Karen as she steps away and look forward to the journey ahead with the GLIDE Foundation.”


About Glide Memorial Church:
In 1929, San Francisco Philanthropist Lizzie Glide purchased the property at 330 Ellis and funded both Glide Memorial Church and the GLIDE Foundation. In 1963 Cecil Williams became the pastor of Glide Memorial church and inspired political, economic and cultural changes at both the church and the Glide Foundation. Glide Memorial Church has more than 20 congregational life groups supporting diverse individuals and has a Celebration service every Sunday at 9 and 11am. Our world-famous Glide Ensemble’s faithful music inspires activist spirituality in our sanctuary, in the community, prisons, stadiums and on television. The music has bolstered our work with the Black Panthers and the United Farm Workers, been proclaimed alongside Gay Liberation and Marriage Equality, and sung out against Apartheid, domestic violence, economic and social injustice, poverty and hunger.