Pride 2021

Together in Faith, Hope and Justice

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June Calendar  

Events and Offerings

Social Media

Daily social media posts on our new Church Facebook Page highlighting queer activists that have shaped our history


Weekly Sunday Celebrations with witnesses, teachers and messages focusing on LGBTQIA+ Identity and culture 

A Note From the GLIDE Pride Team

Our goal this year is to bring into the fold people who may be in your heart and mind, but who haven’t yet been to any PRIDE Team Virtual events. Please think about one or two people who you can reach out to and ask them to join us and stay connected. We’re calling it the PRIDE TEAM BUDDY SYSTEM. Our goal is to bring PRIDE to as many people as possible.

Drag & Spirituality and Trans Spirit

Join Bonnie Violet, a trans genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain, every Monday and Friday at 7 pm as she interviews six folks about drag, being trans and spirituality.

Where to Watch

Date TypeGuestLink
June 4th @ 7PMDrag & SpiritualityRev Kai Daniel MooreHere
June 7th @ 7PM Drag & Spirituality + TranSpiritPolly Amber Ross & Peter PansexualHere
June 11th @ 7PM Drag & Spirituality Afrika AmericaHere
June 14th @ 8PM Drag & Spirituality LOTUS BOY Here
June 18th @ 7PM TranSpirit Hollywood Texas Here
June 21st @ 7PM Drag & Spirituality Honey Mohogany Here

National AIDS Memorial- 40 Years Later

June 5th, 2:30 pm PST

June 5th marks 40 years since the first five cases of what later became known as AIDS were officially reported. Join the National AIDS Memorial virtually on June 5th to remember the 700,000 US lives lost to the epidemic, including GLIDE AIDS quilt blocks made in 1996, which will hang on display in our sanctuary. 

To learn more, visit the National AIDS Memorial

What Does Pride Mean to You?

June 6th @ 1pm

An open discussion about the meaning of pride and how we can embody its principles. 

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Pride Month: Diverse and Proud

June 22nd, 2021

Join the Center for Social Justice in collaboration with GLIDE’s Congregational Life’s Racial Justice Group and Pride Team to celebrate the LGBTQ’s diverse community. Meet activist and community leaders to discuss the rich history, struggles, and contributions that have been part of its movement. From The Imperial Court, Compton’s Cafeteria Riots, to recent Cultural Districts, LGBTQ people of color have been at the forefront.
Guests include: Alexis Miranda, Michelle Mapp, Lance Toma, Cecilia Chung & Kenneth Harper

Hosted by Miguel Bustos, Senior Director for the Center for Social Justice, and Stacy Pearson, Co-Chair, GLIDE Pride Team.

RSVP Here.

Paris is Burning: A virtual watch party with the GLIDE Pride Team

June 25th @ 6:00pm  

Come watch the iconic documentary about the New York City fashion houses in the 1980s, where drag, voguing, dance and runway competitions came together at the legendary balls. It is a story of warmth and community, of resilience and hope, of creativity and vibrance.


Pride Party

Twitch Livestream with DJ David Harness and Virtual Party!

June 27th @ 2:00

Get down with the sounds of the one and only DJ David Harness via twitch. Join the Pride Team at our virtual private party! 

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Party in Style

Everything you need to throw your own Virtual Pride Party

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