San Francisco Pride Weekend is June 24 through June 26. Join Glide Memorial Church and the Glide Pride Team and show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community!

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In the ever-changing landscape of the Coronavirus pandemic, Glide Memorial Church took Sunday Celebration online, Congregational Life Groups got together virtually, and the GLIDE Foundation continued to innovate to meet the growing needs of the city’s most vulnerable residents.

Through it all, Love Has Kept Us Together.

There is double decker bus available for those with mobility constraints or folks who otherwise can’t walk the full parade route. Please reserve your seat, no later than Wednesday, June 22. Unreserved seats will be avilable on a first come, first served basis, on the day of the Parade.

Every night, in celebration of Pride Month, Glide Memorial Church will transform its bell tower into a beacon of pink light for the Tenderloin and beyond. The pink light of Glide Memorial Church says, “There is sanctuary here, there is unconditional love here, and there is hope here.”

Hi Glide Family,

Seems strange to think about this Pride season, the return to an in-person parade, and Glide Memorial Church’s return-to-marching, without our co-founder, now ancestor, Janice Mirikitani. Muse and champion, Janice inspired and was inspired by Glide Church’s LGBTQ+ congregation, clients and community members. Janice and Rev. Cecil Williams’ support of LGBTQ+ people didn’t live in a history — it was ongoing and present, and made room for LGBTQ+ spiritual and lay leaders to come into voice. As we return to in-person Pride for 2022, let us remember what we have learned from our co-founders; that LGBTQ+ can lead a liberation movement, can pull society back from the over-the-clift careerning course that we’re on, and can bring us out of these years of despair, into light and joy and love. Let’s remember that celebration is a tool of resistance. 

Happy Pride.  

Min. Marvin

The Glide Pride Team is a Congregational Life Group of Glide Memorial Church.  Our mission is to educate the world on social justice, and unconditional love and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. We take pride in leading Glide’s efforts ito promote equal justice for LGBTQ+-related causes, and support community organizations in the greater San Francisco area.

Everyone is welcome. Join Us!

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May 29 Beer Bust at the Historic SF Eagle
Hosted by Ms. SF Eagle 2020 Tammy Lg. Hatter
3:00-7:00 pm
$15 Includes Food
Funds Raised Support Glide Pride

June 11  AIDS Memorial Quilt 35th Anniversary Opening Ceremonies
Glide Memorial Church is honored to partner with The National AIDS Memorial for the opening ceremony of the AIDS Memorial Quilt 35th Anniversary in Golden Gate Park.
Performance by the Glide Ensemble
Display of more than 3,000 panels from the AIDS Quilt

June 16 Pride Month: You will see us
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Join GLIDE Center for Social Justice this Pride Month to celebrate Black and Brown leadership within the Trans community for their role in the LGBTQ movement & history. This Virtual Justice event will discuss the victories, resilience, and contributions to the world from activism to culture.
Hosted by Erick Arguello, Advocacy Manager for GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice
Panelists Include:
Andrea Horne– Community Engagement and Trans* Historian Curry Senior Center
Jupiter Peraza-Director of Social Justice & Empowerment Initiatives at The Transgender District
Shane Zaldivar– Manager of Training and Education Office of Transgender Initiatives

June 18 Drag & Spirituality: Gender Diverse-The Spirit, The Body, The Artist
12:00-1:00 pm
Bonnie Violet, a trans genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain, and special guests, Ashlé Blow, The Dragon King, and Bobby Friday, discuss spirituality, drag, and being trans.

Watch LIVE on Facebook  or YouTube

Pride Month Sunday Celebrations
Join us every Sunday in June for witnesses, teachers and messages focusing on LGBTQ+ identity and culture.

Glide Memorial Church’s history has been intertwined with the history of the LGBTQ+ rights movement from the 1960s onward. And today, our love for every LGBTQ+ congregant — and the larger community — is turned up all the way up!

The History of LGBTQ+ Pride at Glide


Rev. Cecil Williams, along with seven Protestant ministers, creates ‘The Council on Religion and The Homosexual’. These are San Francisco pioneer organizations in the lesbian/gay movement with offices at Glide Memorial Church.  Glide minister Ted McIlvenna served as its first president. 
(Photo source: https://www.justinhallawesomecomics.com/council-on-religion-and-the-homosexual)


Rev. Cecil Williams and six other ministers challenge the San Francisco Police Dept. for breaking up a private NYE ball for homosexuals held at California Hall. The Council on Religion and The Homosexual sponsored the dance. 
(photo source: https://www.foundsf.org/index.php?title=New_Year%27s_Eve_Jan._1_1965:_A_Night_for_Gay_Rights)


Pastor John Moore preaches three sermons on homosexuality: “Man, Sex and the Gospel”, “Church, Community and Homosexuality” and “Chastity and the Pill”. 


Supervisor Jack Morrison urges formation of a Homosexual Review Board during Candidates’ Night at Glide. 


Glide sponsors Vanguard, a project serving young male prostitutes in the Tenderloin. This was started by Adrian Ravenour. 
(photo source: http://revolution.berkeley.edu/vanguard/)


Glide board approves task force resolutions to eliminate discrimination against 
homosexuals in employment. 


The Council on Religion and the Homosexual presents a symposium titled ‘On the Life Style of 
the Homosexual’ at GLIDE.


Emerging Lifestyles conference at Glide presents ‘Gay Life with Style’


A controversial gay folk singer, Don Burton, performs in Glide Memorial Church’s sanctuary at a benefit for the Council on Religion and the Homosexual. 


At Glide, Rev. Lloyd Wake performs a covenant ceremony for a gay couple to confirm their commitment. 


special event takes place at Glidetitled: ‘The Seven of New Space and Time for People: Groove Time, Soul Time, Other Space, People Space, Folk Time, Gay Space, Sense Space’. 


A radical lesbian feminist, Sally Gearhart, speaks at the Sunday Celebration. She is known for her work on feminist spirituality, including her book titled: Loving Women/Loving Men: Gay Liberation and the Church (1974).
(photo source: https://sallymillergearhart.net/wp-content/uploads/galleries/activist/)


While guest speaking at Trinity Baptist Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, Rev. Williams is denounced as “an abomination to Jesus” due to Glide’s  openness to gays and prostitutes.  


Glide begins three-hour guided bus tours of third world neighborhoods that move through the inner-city discussing Black, Latin, Asian and gay street culture. 


A group of churches, along with Glide, sponsor a dance at California Hall 12 years after the infamous 
incident of police breaking up a gay benefit dance (1964). 


San Francisco’s gay synagogue, Congregation Sha’Ar Zahav, begins meeting in Glide’s basement for its Friday night services. 


Rev. Williams provides leadership following riots in response to the manslaughter verdict of Dan White in the murder of Mayor George Moscone and openly gay Supervisor Harvey Milk. 
(Photo source: https://patch.com/california/losgatos/remembering-harvey-milk-george-moscone)


Rev. Williams eulogizes the death of Harvey Milk to a crowd of 20,000 people at the corner of Castro and Market on Milk’s 49th birthday. 


Glide’s Lesbian/Gay Support Group sponsors ‘Breaking Free’


Glide presents ‘Gospel Musical for AIDS ‘87’– a benefit for the AIDS Emergency Fund with the Glide Ensemble, Lesbian/Gay Chorus, Deena Jones, and The Glide Rappers. 


Rev. Williams and the GlideEnsemble are at the Gay Pride Parade.


Rev. Williams and other Black leaders affirm their support for AB101, the gay and lesbian anti-discrimination bill. 
(photo source: https://www.foundsf.org/index.php?title=THE_BURNING_OF_THE_OLD_STATE_BUILDING)


Rev. Williams withdraws from the United Methodist Church annual conference to be held in Colorado because of the states newly enacted anti-gay law. 


Memorial service at Glide for openly gay San Francisco Chronicle columnist Randy Shilts 
who died from AIDS. Rev. Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas pickets the service in a protest against gays.


Rev. Williams narrates for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus during their performance of ‘Back to Our Roots’ at the Masonic Auditorium. 


Rev. Williams is the keynote speaker at Miami’s Interfaith Coalition. During the speech Williams says: “…too many churches are boring. It’s like God is not alive! …Also, stop fussing and cussing and talking about homosexuals.” 


Gay rights activist James Hormel is honored at Mo’s Kitchen, Glide’s annual fundraiser. 


Rev. Williams is the guest speaker at San Francisco’s 25th anniversary Gay Pride celebration.


Rev. Williams speaks about ‘What Is Commitment?’ at Gay Pride International Commitment Ceremony at Justin Herman Plaza.


Rev. Williams is one of 50 ministers officiating the marriage of a lesbian couple, Jeanne 
Barnett and Ellie Charlton, in Sacramento.


Rev. Williams named “lifetime grand marshal” of San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade. 
(photo source: https://www.swt.org/events/sfgay1)