Bearing Untold Stories: Genealogy Event Series

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. —Maya Angelou

GLIDE Memorial Church is celebrating Black History Month with a series of events led by our Genealogist-in-Residence and founder of KinConnector, Alex Trapps-Chabala.

People of color, particularly Black descendants of U.S. Chattel Slavery, are routinely erased from the historic narrative of this country, leading many to believe that they have no history at all. Through this lens, Alex has created a unique series of events to serve our racially diverse community through trauma-informed, culturally aware approaches to family history.

Join Alex for interactive group genealogy workshops, one-on-one genealogy sessions and live talks.

See individual event descriptions and RSVP below.

January 29

Celebration Sessions: Faith, Art, and Social Justice Talks presents a Conversation with Alex Trapps-Chabala

Join us for a special, hour-long Black History Month conversation on Facebook Live and YouTube Live between GLIDE Memorial Church Minister of Celebration, Marvin K. White, and our 2021 Genealogist-in-Residence, Alex Trapps-Chabala, 7PM on Friday, January 29. Marvin and Alex will discuss reconstructing histories where records, stories, accounts and narratives have seemingly been erased. The evening will be filled with deep engagement between these two friends, artists and colleagues around migration, immigration, history, blackness, wholeness and love.


February 1–28

1-on-1 Genealogy Consultations

Over the month of February, GLIDE Memorial Church Genealogist-in-Residence Alex Trapps-Chabala is offering a limited set of 30 minute, 1-on-1 genealogy consultations for GLIDE community members who attend our genealogy workshops with Alex to help them learn about their individual family histories

Consultations will be available for Workshop attendees.

February 7

Group Genealogy Workshop: “Where you from?” 

The first of our weekly, interactive workshops with Alex Trapps-Chabala — 1–3PM on Sunday, February 7 — this session asks attendees to explore what regions, identities, places, beliefs and organizations they identify with. It dives deep in the ancient history of African people and ethnicities and the personal histories of participants.


February 14

Group Genealogy Workshop: “How you get here?”  

One of our weekly, interactive workshops with Alex Trapps-Chabala — 1–3PM on Sunday, February 14 — this session covers the many complex histories of the way our ancestors arrived to this land, and what that experience looks like in relation to our families history.   


RESCHEDULED: February 28

Group Genealogy Workshop: “Who yo kinfolks?”

One of our weekly, interactive workshops with Alex Trapps-Chabala — 1–3PM on Sunday, February 28 — this session explores how families are created and interact with the world around them. We will discuss the work, religions, education and social issues that have played a part in our collective family history.



Group Genealogy Workshop: “What you finna do?” 

This conclusionary session with Alex Trapps-Chabala — 1–3PM on Sunday, March 7 — showcases what attendees of our weekly interactive workshops have learned and what they can do with this information going forward. It looks at today’s events in recent Black history and poses the question: What kind of ancestor will you be?