Black History Month at GLIDE

Let’s Lift Up, Learn and Love our African American Legacies this Black History Month, February 2020


Don’t miss our Sunday Celebration speakers every Sunday at 9:00 & 11:00 am this February:

Yolanda Norton (Feb 9)

Yolanda Norton Black History Month speaker at Glide Church

Minister Marvin K. White (Feb 16)
Minister Marvin K. White
Del Seymour (Feb 23)
Del Seymour at GLIDE Sunday Celebration

And be sure to check out our Real Talk blog for stories from the recent past (and new ones posted throughout the month) exploring many facets of Black experience, knowledge, and resilience:

“Keeping It Going”

Love in Action: Reflecting on 50 years in community with Ernestine Nettles

Transformation Is Going to Happen


More GLIDE voices celebrating Black History and Culture coming soon. You can find updates here or on our Real Talk blog, or on our social media channels @GLIDEsf