The 12th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala

Saturday, August 14, 2021: Terra Gallery and Virtual

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August 14, 2021 | 6 p.m. Terra Gallery | 7 p.m. Online

The GLIDE Legacy Committee proudly invites you to join us in a hybrid celebration of GLIDE’s legacy of unconditional love and radical inclusion! The highlight of the evening will be a panel discussion featuring the 2021 Rev. Cecil Williams Legacy Awardee Aimee Allison and Janice Mirikitani Legacy Awardee Dr. Connie Wun, plus GLIDE President and Chief Executive Officer Karen Hanrahan. The evening’s entertainment will also include live performers, delicious refreshments, and GLIDE’s incomparable spirit of celebration!

The 12th Annual Legacy Gala will take place at Terra Gallery in San Francisco and livestreamed on August 14, 2021…but that’s not the only way to participate! Throughout the summer, we will be offering multiple opportunities to get involved with the Legacy Committee and learn more about GLIDE. All proceeds raised from this series of LC Events will contribute to our 2021 Legacy Fundraising Campaign goal to raise $100,000 to support GLIDE programs.

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A Special Invitation from our Legacy Committee Co-Chairs


This year, patrons of the GLIDE Legacy Gala will have the opportunity to join us in-person for a limited capacity gathering at Terra Gallery in San Francisco or tune in virtually from the comfort of home. The highlight of the evening will be a panel discussion featuring this year’s recipients of the Rev. Cecil Williams Legacy Award and Janice Mirikitani Legacy Award (see below), plus GLIDE President and Chief Executive Officer Karen Hanrahan. In-person festivities will be topped off with live entertainment, delicious refreshments, and GLIDE’s incomparable spirit of celebration!

The GLIDE Legacy Committee will also be offering a series of summer events, all designed to help us reach our 2021 Legacy Fundraising Campaign goal to raise $100,000 to support GLIDE programs! When you purchase a ticket to any of these events, you will automatically secure free access to the virtual livestream of our 12th Annual GLIDE Legacy Gala. Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount code in your confirmation email that can be applied to in-person Gala tickets. Buy your LC Event tickets now to benefit from this exclusive discount!

In this time of great transition and renewal, this is your opportunity to join forces with other Bay Area changemakers and be part of GLIDE’s mission to create a more just and equitable future for San Francisco and beyond!

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Rev. Cecil Williams Legacy Awardee

Aimee Allison

Political Leader, Author, advocate for women of color, and founder and President of She the People.

Aimee Allison is founder and president of She the People, a national network elevating the voice and power of women of color. She brings together voters, organizers, and elected leaders in a movement grounded in values of love, justice, belonging, and democracy. In 2018, Ms. Allison was one of the primary architects of the “year of women of color in politics.”

In April 2019, she convened the first presidential forum for women of color, reaching a quarter of the American population. A democratic innovator and visionary, Ms. Allison leads national efforts to build inclusive, multiracial coalitions led by women of color. She leverages media, research and analysis to increase voter engagement and advocate for racial, economic and gender justice.

Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Hill, Essence, Teen Vogue and Newsweek. In the early 1990’s, Ms. Allison earned a rare honorable discharge from the U.S. Army as a conscientious objector and works today to support courageous, moral leadership.

Aimee Allison holds a B.A. and M.A. from Stanford University. Author of Army of None, she has appeared in hundreds of outlets including MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, Associated Press and NPR.

She is building a political home for a million women of color, nationally and in battleground states. She was featured in Politico’s 2019 Powerlist.

Janice Mirikitani Legacy Awardee

Dr. Connie Wun

Researcher, Author, Educator, Speaker and co-founder of AAPI Women Lead.

Dr. Connie Wun (she/her), PhD is a Researcher, Author, Trainer, Educator, Speaker, Facilitator, Teacher and Counselor whose work is a reflection of a lifelong commitment to ending racial and gender-based violence. She co-founded AAPI Women Lead, a non-profit, whose mission is to end violence against Asian and Pacific Islander women, girls and non-binary communities.

Dr. Wun leads national community-driven research projects on race, gender, and state violence. She provides research training to help community groups examine and transform real-life contexts for organizational, institutional, state, and structural needs.

Dr. Wun has published in academic journals, book anthologies, and online publications including Elle Magazine. She has been an invited speaker for top high-tech companies, academic institutions, the Congressional Caucus for Black Women and girls, as well as other non-profit organizations. Dr. Wun has been featured in interviews with NPR, Code Switch, Democracy Now!, The Reidout Show and Politically Re-Active.

In 2021, Dr Connie Wun was recognized on The Good Morning America’s Inspiration List, Gold House A100 2021’s Most Impactful Asians and Pacific Islanders. She was also recognized by the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus with the 2021 Excellence in Civil Rights Award. Dr. Wun is also a 2020 Soros Justice Fellow who is examining race, gender and the sex trades.

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