Garden News from GLIDE’S Graze the Roof

by Lindsey Goldberg, Graze the Roof Project Coordinator, Garden Steward

Hello Spring and the GLIDE Community!
Graze the Roof, our rooftop garden atop 330 Ellis has blossomed!


From vibrant and holistic youth education programming in partnership with the FYCC, to monthly workshops exploring themes in urban agriculture, including this past Saturday’s workshop on “Bioregionalism: Inspiring Connection to Place,” to exciting weekly volunteer workdays!

On the roof we have recently reconstructed the greenhouse on site and are currently starting seeds that we will plant in our garden beds. On the north end of the garden, we have freshly planted lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and basils, all which are happy and healthy in the soil. To support our plant community, Elizabeth, a volunteer transformed an old table into a vermi-composting (compost with worms) system! The output of the worms (worm castings or poop) will serve as a nutrient rich fertilizer for the plants! A few weeks back, a local beekeeper Paul Koski delivered an infant colony of bees to the hive on the roof. Around 75,00 bees are settling into their new home, and busy, buzzing about in the garden, foraging for nectar, dancing on flowers and collecting pollen to bring back to their hive and spin into honey. We will host a honey extraction workshop in early fall! We’ll keep you posted! With the help of our creative volunteers we are working on creating a current map of the garden displaying what’s planted where, with colorful signage that describes what’s what.

The students participating in Graze the Roof’s after-school program have been busy starting seeds, learning about what plants need to thrive and helping with general maintenance of the garden: weeding and watering. The peas and sunflowers started in the 1st-2nd grade classroom are now thriving on the roof, amidst ruby red chard, scarlett runner beans and nasturiums. They are currently stewarding a flat of tomato and cucumber seedlings! Yum!
Last week art teacher, Candice joined us on the roof and facilitated an exercise in macro observation drawing with chalk pastels. The students created beautiful pieces of art and their observations will return to Glide and decorate the hallway leading from the 6th floor all the way up to the rooftop, illustrating the story of the youth experience, observation and interaction with the garden!
Graze the Roof has been working with the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Center, and Project Open Hand in support of enhancing educational learning opportunities and stewardship projects throughout the neighborhood.

Join us the first Sunday in June for educational tours on the roof following Sunday Celebrations. Tours will be held at 10:30 and at 12:30. Meet in Freedom Hall following services.

Summer workshops include:
Learning how to deal with garden pests…naturally! Art and Meditation in the Garden, Intro to Permaculture, Composting Creatively and more!
Contact: grazetheroof@gmail.com to register for workshops, learn about volunteer workdays, and/or to arrange a tour of the garden. We look forward to supporting your connection to gardening in the city!
Bee Well!