GLIDE Emerging Leader: Allyson Lam

Can you believe Summer is nearly over? Our Emerging Leaders are wrapping up their final weeks at GLIDE and preparing to return to school for the Fall. On behalf of the entire GLIDE Family, we wish our Emerging Leaders much love as they head into the new school year! Thank you for embracing GLIDE, for all of your passion and hard work!
Get to know Allyson Lam in our final installment of the GLIDE Emerging Leader Profile Series.

School & Major:University of California, Berkeley, Psychology Major, Education minor
What brought you to GLIDE? Last year, I participated in an urban project with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at my campus, learning about systemic injustices and God’s heart for the poor. I found that my spirituality necessarily includes loving and being among the poor. I grew up in San Francisco in a family of social workers and case managers, so I was vaguely familiar with GLIDE, and excited to learn more about pursuing justice from this community.
What do you hope to contribute/learn during your time at GLIDE? I feel a lot of dissonance between my life as a college student and my experiences being among the poor and marginalized. Usually, I selfishly spend my time and resources on myself, to further my education and also to just have fun.. But I am beginning to see how there is something more worth giving my life to, which requires stewarding my resources well- rethinking the way I spend money, how I use my time, and what I do with my future. I’m hoping to learn how to serve other people well, and integrate the experiences I have at GLIDE into the rest of my college and post-college life.
Which of GLIDE’s Core Values resonates with you most and why? Loving and Hopeful – I want to learn how to love others without expectation or the need to produce results, and hope in the midst of the injustices I witness around me. Yeah, just to know that even when pursuing justice is not as glamorous as it sometimes sounds, it is still worth it.
I wish…this summer wasn’t going by so fast.
I hope…the relationships I get to be a part of this summer are life-giving.
I am grateful…for the opportunity to learn here and I will not waste it!!