GLIDE Emerging Leader: Katherine Nasol

Get to know Katherine Nasol in this week’s installment of our GLIDE Emerging Leaders Intern profile series!

School and Major: Stanford University, Majoring in International Relations, Minoring in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
What brought you to GLIDE? When I was a high school junior, I participated in an immersion trip in the Tenderloin, and I was immediately struck by the resilience of the people, and the warmness of the community. I fell in love with the area and its members, and GLIDE, being a major leader in the community, drew me in through its radical values and impact on not only the people in the area, but the nation.
What do you hope to contribute/learn during your time at GLIDE? I have always been interested in the structural oppression of poverty, especially towards women. Seeing the amount of abuse women experience in these conditions, I hope to learn more about what solutions have been most effective in amplifying women’s voices in both their personal relationships and their community. Through my contributions, I hope to provide resources for women to empower themselves in every aspect of their life.
Which of GLIDE’s core values resonates with you most and why? Radical inclusivity is a value that I find the most profound and the most challenging. This value is something that I struggle with daily, and by being a part of GLIDE’s programs and culture, I have begun to reflect and realize my own barriers and obstacles in reaching true radical inclusivity. Even though it is a value I grapple with, being surrounded in GLIDE’s environment gives me hope. GLIDE truly practices what they preach, and radical inclusivity is so tangible in every service, person, and room in this building. The best example of this is Speak Out. Speak Out truly allows all members of the community to share their voice, and witnessing this openness has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had.
I wish…to embody GLIDE’s values and to incorporate them in my work for justice and peace.
I hope… my time and efforts can continue GLIDE’s social change movement throughout the community and the world.
I am grateful…to be a part of a community that has helped thousands of people empower themselves and others.