GLIDE Statement on the Presidential Election

Dear GLIDE Community,

American voters have spoken. In one of the most polarizing elections of our time, in the midst of a dark period defined by divisiveness, struggle and fear, millions of voters took to the polls to choose a new path. While it is clear that distrust and divisions remain across our polarized country, it is also clear that we must come together, irrespective of our differences, to begin the restorative and hopeful work of healing. We have much to do to reach that light at the end of the tunnel and there is hard work required in order to reconcile communities, restore social trust and to make meaningful and lasting progress on racial justice.  

Even in contention, it is evident that the majority of us remain committed to justice, compassion, and equality — principles that we not only celebrate but are intrinsic to GLIDE’s core values of unconditional love, radical inclusion and our commitment to racial and social justice. At GLIDE these values guide our unwavering efforts to serve those in need, fight for systemic justice and build bridges of commonality. This important work is currently underway in our integrated programs that break cycles of poverty and suffering, in our church known globally for embracing all, and in the Center for Social Justice, whose truth, justice, and reconciliation initiatives illustrate what can happen when diverse people gather with open minds, empathy, and the patience to talk with and learn from one another.

The pandemic has exposed the many inequities that exist within our nation, including systemic racism, economic inequality, and the growing frontline challenges that GLIDE strategically confronts every day: poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, physical and mental health conditions, and substance use disorders. With the election now behind us, our hope is that the next administration will find better solutions to address the serious challenges that face us all, regardless of our political allegiances. And as we have done so for nearly sixty years, we stand ready to assist those who will join GLIDE in taking on the critical work that must be done.

In solidarity,

Karen Hanrahan
President & CEO