GLIDE Voices Honors Ramadan: Featuring Guled Muse

GLIDE Voices is honoring Ramadan; we asked Guled Muse, Community Engagement Manager, what does Ramadan mean to you?    

“Ramadan is very transformative.  It is a way to honor the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and to honor the first revelations of Quran scripture. It’s a way to feel spiritually connected to the rest of the Muslim community and those who don’t have anything.  

Ramadan, to me, is about revival, it’s about reflection, and it’s about reciprocity. After being able to fast for 30 days, it pushes a reset button to your whole mind frame on how you see life. It also shows what determination can do and it helps me really reflect on my shortcomings, but also the state of the world. Oftentimes, when you suppress yourself from eating or drinking, you reach that moment of survival where the only person you’re thinking about is yourself. For me to get my mind away from that, I think about others and think about others who are suffering. There are many parts of the world where people are not even able to break their fast but still have to oblige this sacred obligation. It makes me count my blessings. 

If there’s one important thing that I wish people knew about Ramadan, is the sense of community that you get when you break your fast with a fellow man. It’ll be somebody you don’t even know. You don’t know what their life is, you don’t know what their social status is or how much money they make or where they’re at, but in the house of God, you’re able to break bread with your brother and that’s all you see him as. And that’s a level of community and empathy that I wish people really understood. 

I would love to just share this Ayat. An Ayat is a revelation, a divine revelation. And the thing is, it’s a divine revelation to let you know that higher power exists. It doesn’t only pertain to description. It’s “verily with every hardship comes ease.” So, for everyone doing this work, especially when you feel down and out, just know that there’s wisdom, there’s beauty in it. Anybody working at GLIDE, we all know that this work is hard. But for every hardship comes true ease, that’s in the Quran.” 

Guled Muse, Community Engagement Manager