GLIDE Volunteers: Sharing Passion and Talent

Every year, GLIDE is fortunate to host thousands of volunteers that engage with our work in a variety of ways. GLIDE could not accomplish the important work of serving the community without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers – from those who come to help serve meals to those who contribute their time as board members, the help of all of GLIDE’s supporters is vital to our success. In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, get to know Paige Rossetti.
Paige grew up in a suburb of New York City, sheltered by the realities of urban life. During trips into Manhattan as a small girl, she was shocked by the sight of homeless people panhandling and sleeping on the streets. “As adults, many of us become accustomed to these sights and we learn to ignore them. We tune out the suffering of others in order to go through our daily lives.” As a child, Paige was deeply affected by the urban issues she witnessed and contributes those early feelings of compassion to her attraction to GLIDE. “I came to GLIDE to honor that feeling of empathy, by actually doing something to help.”

As an intern and volunteer, Paige helped create compelling infographics, such as this one illustrating GLIDE's Daily Free Meals Program
Paige helped create compelling infographics, such as this one illustrating GLIDE’s Daily Free Meals Program

As a part of the Strategy, Resource, and Evaluation (SRE) team at GLIDE, Paige used her background and passion for storytelling through data to contribute in the most meaningful way possible. At GLIDE, we collect and analyze program data to measure the impact of our services and to uncover community need in order to better serve all of our program participants. During her time at GLIDE, Paige analyzed data gathered by our annual client surveys, a task that has allowed programs to further develop their offerings based on community feedback. “I believe that data is powerful. It helps us to work effectively, allowing us to do the most good possible with the resources we have available.”

Paige used her personal interests and natural talent to inform her contribution to GLIDE by volunteering her time to the SRE team. It is through her meaningful service that GLIDE was able to draw informative conclusions from the very important client survey process and deepen the integrity of our services.
Of the lessons she has learned at GLIDE, Paige includes learning the hard work of radical inclusivity among the most important. “When you spend time at GLIDE, you start to realize how many barriers we put up between ourselves and others in our everyday lives. Working at GLIDE means challenging yourself to tear those barriers down.”