In Solidarity Always with Our Asian American Community Members

Dear Beloved Community,
We are outraged by the violence that has been directed at our Asian American community members. The reports of violence against our seniors are especially heart-wrenching. This must stop.
This wave of violence emerges from a recent plague of disinformation and demagogic strategies of division and scapegoating. It has roots in our nation’s legacy of racism and xenophobia. That legacy is a scourge. It undermines the social bonds that hold us together, support our greatest capacities as human beings, and give us collective strength to overcome any obstacle—strength we need at this time of profound social challenge. 
Racism has powerful institutional sources and racism also feeds on our willingness to perpetuate divisions among ourselves. We must not give systemic racism more power. Instead, we must see one another, in all of our diversity and circumstances, as fellow human beings in a common effort to belong, to love ourselves and one another, to survive and thrive. When we do this, we strengthen each other’s liberty, and we break down the barriers of white supremacy and systemic racism.

In the language and organizing around racial justice, we must make sure that when we demand justice, we demand it for all. Now is the time for collective solidarity. Now is the time to practice radical inclusion and love in action. Not in abstract ways but in our daily lives—by looking out for one another, calling out hate, protecting each other, taking the time to appreciate one another, to be curious, and to cultivate dialogue and respect across our differences while holding up the values and potential we all share as human beings.

In our homes, places of employment, and circles of influence, we must promote respect, kindness, and love for all communities, including our Asian American sisters and brothers. 

We call on everyone to stand with us in solidarity with our Asian American neighbors, family, colleagues and friends. Together, we will overcome violence with understanding and love. We will be and grow the loving community we are, seeking inclusion and justice for everyone.

You can find more information, resources and ways to help by going here.

In solidarity,

Miguel Bustos
GLIDE Center for Social Justice