Jovan’s GLIDE Journey

Jovan Tate, GLIDE Development Associate

Jovan Tate’s GLIDE Journey began in 2009 when she would walk down Ellis Street in the early morning hours, before sunrise, and notice that the lights were always on. Like a porch light left on to guide folks home, GLIDE beckoned. One day, she asked a Security Monitor what exactly GLIDE did, and he responded, “We feed people.” So that morning, Jovan jumped into the meals line and began having her meals in the dining room with the GLIDE community.

Eventually, she was approached by a Security Monitor who let her know that the Security Department had an opening. She applied that day and was hired shortly after.

As a Security Monitor, Jovan enjoyed immersing herself in the community. Of the many lessons learned during her time as a Security Monitor, she learned how to open her mind to the reality of others in order to better assist them.  Jovan reflects, “I put myself into their shoes and take the time to make a connection…that extra step to help people live better.”

Over time, the breadth of Jovan’s talents translated across multiple departments. She spent some time in GLIDE’s Facilities department, then as an Assistant Coordinator in the Volunteer Resource Program. Today, Jovan has transitioned into the Fund Development department where she helps process donor gifts that support GLIDE’s programming and operations.

No matter where Jovan is, she stays connected to the two GLIDE Core Values that mean the most to her. “I love our Core Value of TRUTH TELLING. If you tell the truth, it sets part of you free. You don’t have to be caged in by lies.” Jovan continues, “And I love our Core Value FOR THE PEOPLE. I just love helping people. It’s in my nature.”