Laurie "The Toy Lady" Ferreira

GLIDE’s “Toy Lady” Laurie Ferreira

What is your GLIDE story? When did you first come? How did you hear about GLIDE? I met Cecil and Jan at a photo shoot in 1990 at GLIDE on a Sunday morning.  It was love at first sight! I have been attending GLIDE regularly after my first visit and began volunteering in 1992.

Can you share with us your personal passion and commitment to community service? I firmly believe in creating a place where you want to be.  I have learned through my volunteering that what we do for others comes back to us 10 fold.  It comes back to us in new friends, new connections and in creating the kind of planet that I want to live on.

What inspires you to donate and volunteer at GLIDE and other organizations? I am inspired to volunteer at GLIDE because of GLIDE’s commitment to those less served.  Cecil has dedicated his life to this mission.  I feel the least I can do is volunteer some of my time to support the folks who work at GLIDE and the folks GLIDE serves.

Can you share with us a volunteer highlight you have experienced at GLIDE? My greatest joy as “Toy Lady” in recent years has been sharing this grand experience with my “Baby Girl.” This brings me the greatest joy!  The highlight of my volunteer experience is consistently the fabulous interaction I have with the volunteers I am able to work with.

What piece of advice would you share with individuals and communities about making time for civic and social engagement in their lives? As I stated before, I firmly believe in creating a place where you want to be.