Light A Candle With Glide For A Brighter World This Holiday Season

Powered by unconditional love and acceptance, we celebrate our shared humanity at GLIDE. Together, we cast light upon the difficult and shadowed road to justice and inspire one another to renewed hope on this continuing journey. Through connecting communities and bridging differences, we enable San Francisco’s most vulnerable to make meaningful changes in their lives as they struggle to break cycles of poverty, hunger, violence and addiction.”

                                                                        Janice Mirikitani, Co-Founder and Founding President

No one is alone here at GLIDE. Because of our community, our donors, our partners who ignite the light of HOPE, we can walk together to heal a world with justice and unconditional love.”

                                                            Rev. Cecil Williams, Co-Founder and Minister of Liberation


Rooted in our history of providing daily free meals, GLIDE has evolved over the past half century to meet the changing needs of those we serve through the creation of innovative and sustainable programs—each dedicated to meeting every individual with dignity, respect and love.

Light A Candle is GLIDE’s signature holiday campaign. Last year, we asked people to fill out a card letting us know that they were “lighting a candle with GLIDE”. The response was overwhelming, so this year we are building on that positive energy.

If you have the chance to visit GLIDE this holiday season, please come into the Creative Space, the room adjacent to the lobby where we are showing an exhibit featuring stories from our community of clients, staff and generous partners, about how GLIDE has changed their lives. We invite you to please share your own message of hope, a story or a wish.
By sharing your light, you are sharing our message of hope and possibility. You are standing with the GLIDE community and telling the world that every human being deserves care, love, hope and the promise of justice.
With their beautiful candleholders and commitment to community support, our good friends at glassybaby spend every day lighting up the world. 10% from the sale of each ‘cozy‘ will be donated to glassybaby white light fund in further support of GLIDE.