MEET SASHA: Connecting the GLIDE Community Near & Far

My first experience with GLIDE started with hearing that Andreessen Horowitz‘s leaders would be featured at A GLIDE Talk with Ben Horowitz and Lars Dalgaard.

As I was reading about the event, I decided to browse through the website and something really caught my attention about GLIDE’s mission: To empower the people at the bottom of society.

I found out that GLIDE has a kitchen that serves people in need everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So I decided to volunteer in the Daily Free Meals Program on the same day of the event.

As I was walking to GLIDE’s Daily Free Meals Program, I saw a very long line wrapping around the block. All of whom l assume were waiting for the kitchen to open. As I got into the dining room area, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who gave me an apron, hair net, and instructions on helping to collect the leftover trays after people are done eating.


(But first… had to take a selfie!)

The dinner shift was 2 hours long but it went by really fast! I saw people young & old from all different walks of life, grab a tray and quietly enjoy their meal at a round table.


Regardless of people’s life conditions, most really appreciated their food and the opportunity to be able to sit down somewhere and eat a good meal.

This made me think when was the last time that I was really consciously appreciative for just being able to eat a regular meal? Many times you don’t need to have something on a regular basis, but instead need to be able to appreciate it more.


At some point “Mama Jo,” the head chef in the kitchen, ordered me to grab freshly made fried chicken from the oven, count 100 pieces with my hands and place them into another container. Later on I found out that these delicious fried chicken drummettes were going to be served at the GLIDE Talk event that night! I felt proud being able to not only contribute to feeding the people in need but also the more privileged part of the society.

After the dinner was over, I unfortunately could not stay with the rest of the volunteers and staff to enjoy our own dinner and learn about their stories. I ran to the GLIDE Talk with Ben Horowitz & Lars Dalgaard.


The event was quite entertaining and informative. The whole experience of the day at GLIDE made me think of “what would be some ways for us in the start-up world to be able to help institutions like GLIDE through our own area of expertise.”

Following the talk, there was a networking reception. I got to meet Katherine who works at GLIDE, and we exchanged ideas on how we could use our company, Eversnap for a lot GLIDE’s events to be able to capture the events from all the attendees’ perspectives and showcase them in real-time.


After having lunch with two other amazing team members of GLIDE, we all decided to bring the idea of our partnership to life for this upcoming GLIDE Legacy Gala 2014.

GLIDE will be using Eversnap at their upcoming GLIDE Legacy Gala to easily collect everyone’s photos & videos in one online album, and showcase them in real-time on a screen at the venue.




How to join the GLIDE Gala real-time album now:

1)   Guests can download the Eversnap app (iPhone or Android)

2)   Join our album with album code, glidegala2014

3)   Start adding photos and videos instantly

We are so excited because we hope to not only make it easier to capture the night’s memories, but also to create a way that the entire GLIDE community (near & far) can be a part of the experience. So for those who can’t make it Saturday, join the album and check out what everyone is up to. We can’t wait to see you all there!

We hope to see more startups get involved with the communities surrounding them despite the stage or conditions of startup life that they are in. We can all help in our own special unique way!

SASHA_02Sasha is a 3x entrepreneur and graduate of Georgia Tech. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Eversnap. Eversnap captures & saves the memories of all your different life experiences in a private online place that you can always revisit or share with others. Eversnap has started with specific verticals such as, young families, travel, weddings, events, etc. Follow Sasha on Facebook