Men in Progress: Inspiring Authenticity

Men in Progress, GLIDE’s violence cessation program for men, teaches intimacy, described by the program as the ability to listen and disclose, as a key factor in empowering the authentic self, who you are without your violence.
Modeled after ManAlive, one of the nation’s most influential violence intervention programs, Men in Progress is a 52-week program, certified as a Batterer’s Intervention Program by the San Francisco Adult Probation Department. Men in Progress is peer-facilitated, led by men who have completed facilitator training in addition to the 52 weeks.

Darius Kittles, Men in Progress Facilitator shares, “Men in Progress teaches you to recognize your violence, not only with your significant others, but with your community.” Participants are often surprised to learn the many ways we violate one another beyond physical violence. Being silent or ignoring your partner, being late to appointments, or stomping out of a room, are all violent actions that we use to regain control and power.

(from left to right) Hamish Sinclair, ManAlive Founder, Ray White, Men in Progress Facilitator, Darius Kittles, Men in Progress Facilitator, Israel Canjura, GLIDE Security Manager

New participants register for the class by signing a list of agreements, the first of which is a formal admission of their violence. Taking accountability is the first step, as Hamish Sinclair, ManAlive Founder, describes, “You cannot stop something that is not happening. So if you believe that you are not violent you will not be able stop your violence.”
Men learn a range of emotions in the ‘8 Emotions’ chart, part of the Men in Progress curriculum

Men in Progress takes place every Monday afternoon @ 3pm in GLIDE’s Freedom Hall. For more information about the program, contact MeninProgress@glide.org.