My work here still feels new and fresh.

by Kristen Growney Yamamoto, Co-Executive Director
Rita and I took over the co-Executive Director roles at GLIDE only 2 months ago. While, I’ve been at GLIDE for over three years, my work here still feels new and fresh.  As Co-Executive Director, I am energized by my new role and both the opportunities and challenges it brings to me and GLIDE each day.
During my time here at GLIDE, I have developed an understanding of the expanse and depth of GLIDE’s programs. In my new role, I am continually struck by the impact of our programs with both our clients and GLIDE’s impact on the entire city of San Francisco.  I love seeing the lives that GLIDE touches every day.  I also love hearing others express their admiration for what GLIDE has provided and stood for in its 45-year history. It makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world to contribute to GLIDE’s greatness.
The future is one that will bring change and new ideas to Glide, yet build upon our foundation of unconditional love, radically inclusivity, and our commitment to the poor. Our programs are committed to alleviating suffering and breaking the ‘cradle to prison’ pipeline.  Glide’s programs can do both and programs–like our new literacy initiative and health-care for anyone who needs it–demonstrate this.  As we look forward, the organization will continue to meet the needs of our community and respond to new needs as they arise, all amidst an environment of economic uncertainty for both our clients and the organization.  Our community of clients, employees, and volunteers keep us strong.