"One Sun, Many Rays of Light"

by Ari Neulight, Clinical Program Manager, 149 Mason Street

From when residents started moving into 149 Mason Street Studio Apartments in Summer 2010, they have been coming together and trying to figure out how to live together, be together, celebrate together, and have their voices heard around the things most important to them.  One year later, they voted in their first set of leaders to help move them forward in this process and set the tone for resident leadership in the years to come.  While so much leadership has emerged in the community over the past year, the council is one significant way it has appeared.  The following is a message from the resident leadership:

“We the 149 Mason Street Tenants Council would like to thank all those who worked really hard to make this council possible, particularly the 149 Mason Street community for their extraordinary participation through the nominations and the election.
We would also like to thank the Elections Committee, who did an outstanding job of ushering our community through the all important initial process and the GLIDE family as a whole for making this extreme honor possible.

Our hopes for this coming term are:
•    to lay a strong foundation on which the future elected can build upon
•    to promote community, compassion, caring and understanding throughout our population
•    to inspire our fellow members to participate
•    to spread the idea that together we have a stronger voice.
In the words of one in our community, ”One Sun, Many Rays of Light.”

We are proud to be part of the inception of our Community Council and hope to promote a culture of Unity and Advocacy.”

One of the newly inaugurated tenant association’s first duties was to welcome and host Mayor Ed Lee during his visit to our community.  It was opportunity for the resident leaders to begin to share their stories and embody their hope as community leaders to our broader leadership.  As one resident leader remarked after the visit, “I think I can get used to this!”

We look forward to what’s next and doing the hard work together, moving forward, one step at a time!
149 Mason Street Resident President Kwame Evans (left) with Mayor Ed Lee and Rev. Cecil Williams.