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Through truth telling, we share our stories.

Each voice is heard and embraced, and the community celebrates our shared creativity and humanity. We blend our realities together through poetry, art, performance and an open mic series. This is creative community building.


Bring Down The House

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Current Exhibit:



Past Exhibits:

  • The 30Love is a worldwide charitable art project. We're asking people around the globe, "What does love mean to you?" Featuring the works of Lisa Wiseman highlighting 30 intimate portraits of the GLIDE community.
  • I AM HOME, I AM HEALING, I AM GLIDE featuring new works of the 149 Mason Street Art Colony.  The GLIDE Economic Development Corporation's 149 Mason Street Studios provide a home filled with dignity and respect for those who were once chronically homeless. 
  • Beautiful Are the Souls of My People, A portrait exploration through Pop Art, Mixed Media, Photography and Illustration of the GLIDE Janice Mirikitani Family, Youth and Childcare Center. 
  • The Art of Moving Beyond Survival: Healing Homelessness, Poverty and Domestic Violence
  • Once Upon a Time: A Journey through Identity, Legacy and Storytelling
  • Life Support: An Exhibit on Health, Healing and Wellness
  • 45 Years in the 'Hood: And we are still walking that walk! A retrospective of photography and quotations celebrating Cecil Williams
Bring Down The House


People come together to speak their truths, and know they are not alone. They feel the love and compassion from their brothers and sisters, and experience beloved community.

In GLIDE’s Freedom Hall, this happens every Wednesday at 5:00pm, people are welcomed by Janice Mirikitani and Rev. Cecil Williams to come up to a single microphone and share their stories, songs, poetry, music, and whatever moves you. This is the SpeakOut, a weekly open mic series, followed by a community dinner prepared by the Daily Free Meals Program.

Those who attend and participate in SpeakOuts include addicts, people in recovery, people re-entering society from prison or jail, homeless people, GLIDE staff and those who come to GLIDE for services including meals, health care, women’s services and shelter reservations. The SpeakOut is an open door to the GLIDE family.

"This poem is about my past experience of almost 30 years out in the street."

- Angela, SpeakOut poet

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