A Message from GLIDE Leadership

August 17, 2018


Dear Beloved Community,

On behalf of everyone at GLIDE, but especially our program participants, thank you. We cannot adequately express our gratitude for all of the support you have individually and collectively shown GLIDE during this challenge with the United Methodist Church (UMC). As promised, we are writing to update you on the important meeting that took place this week.

On August 14, GLIDE board and leadership met with the Bishop, District Superintendent and other representatives from the California-Nevada UMC Conference to discuss next steps in our relationship. The meeting was collegial and helped to clarify the underlying issues related to the tension between the two groups. We have agreed to discuss proposed organizational structures and potential areas of working together with our respective governing bodies and will be coming together at a future date to continue the conversations.

We commit to continuing to keep you apprised as we proceed in these conversations. Meanwhile, here are the elements we are keeping at the top of mind:

  1. Values – We are committed to preserving our core values and our daily practice of radical inclusion and unconditional love.
  2. Protection and Stability – We want to protect our clients, congregants, volunteers and donors from uncertainty. We are committed to providing dependability, through stable operations and structure.
  3. Evolution – GLIDE will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the people of San Francisco and all who need GLIDE services. We are confident that this historic moment will result in positive change.

There will be listening sessions with Board members at 1:00 pm in Freedom Hall this Sunday, August 19th, and the following week August 26th. Please come for the open discussion. When and if there are new ways for you to help, we will let you know!

Thank you again for your stalwart support and patience during this process. Please continue to help GLIDE move forward by: 1) Volunteering; 2) Coming to Sunday Celebration; 3) Donating Now.

In love and solidarity,

Karen Hanrahan, President & CEO
Rita Shimmin, Executive Director
Board of Trustees of the Glide Foundation:

Kaye Foster, Chair
Dixie D. Horning, Vice-Chair
Michael L. Warren, Secretary/Treasurer
Crickette Brown Glad
John Philip Coghlan
Paula R. Collins
Lars Dalgaard
Amy Errett
Paul M. Fleming
Erby L. Foster, Jr.

Mary Glide
Nicole Harris
Christopher Lord
Shireen McSpadden
Janice Mirikitani, Co-Founder
Rev. Cecil Williams, Co-Founder
Phillip Zackler


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