5 Keys Charter School

Redefining the way people think about the role of education in restoring communities.

Originally established in 2003

Five Keys at GLIDE

Five Keys uses Social and Restorative Justice principles to provide traditionally underserved communities the opportunity to restart their education with a focus on the Five Keys: Education, Employment, Recovery, Family, Community.

Classes vary in length, format and level. Many students prefer to work independently, under the guidance of a qualified instructor, while others opt for and prefer classes designed to meet their specific educational or vocational needs. Some students meet with their teacher only once a week for one-on-one work, others may attend five or more hours of classes a day.

When enrolling with Five Keys, we will obtain your prior school transcripts, conduct a brief assessment of where your academic strengths and needs and develop a plan to help meet your academic goals.

Visit the Five Keys website for more information about the academic program.

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