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Healthcare today needs leaders who view PEOPLE at the center of care. We empower people to take care of themselves.

GLIDE and UCSF's School of Nursing are training a new generation of healthcare professionals who are attuned to the whole person.

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The partnership between Glide Health Services and the School of Nursing at the University of California at San Francisco is a match forged in the Tenderloin. UCSF's School of Nursing concentrates its efforts on preparing a masters-educated nursing workforce to work with the people who are least able to access health care, including chronically ill adults who are frequently homeless, mentally ill, or suffer from HIV and AIDS.


Over the last 12 years, more than 150 students have completed more than 200 clinical rotations at GLIDE Health Services, which specializes in the trianing of advanced practice nurses and other health professionals. By involving future health professionals in the clinic's practice, GLIDE is creating a cadre of competent and caring providers to improve the health of the poor in the future.


"Our students will be able to focus on health education, managing chronic diseases, getting a better sense of what it takes to educate patients in the Tenderloin than in, say, the suburbs," says Patricia Dennehy, RN, MS, FNP, GLIDE's practice director. GHS trainees learn to provide the kind of patient experience we would all like to have: getting people comfortable, letting them have enough time to be heard, and getting people the service they need in a single place. Our practitioners work with patients, not just with their conditions, and our students gain a much broader opportunity to help people maintain their health in the face of poverty and health disparities.


"It (the healthcare of our nation) needs leaders that view people at the center of care and empower people to take care of themselves."

 Pat, GLIDE Health Services Division Director

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