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From the first triumphant notes of a band on fire to the crescendo of dancing melodic voices filling the risers, the GLIDE Ensemble and the Change Band begin every Sunday at GLIDE United Methodist Church in San Francisco: a Celebration of Spirit. The opening song, "Pass Me Not," is a call to all who have ears to hear; this music will touch you and move you no matter what your spiritual path or life circumstance. Dreamed into reality by the Rev. Cecil Williams and directed by John F. Turk Jr., the GLIDE Ensemble and the Change Band are rooted in the Gospel music tradition of liberation through telling the truth while holding on to love and hope. The result is a transcendent spiritual experience that heals and literally saves lives. 1. Wade in the Water 2. Full Time God 3. He is Worthy 4. Give it Up 5. Coming Home 6. Yes, There is Hope 7. Ain't God Good 8. One More Chance 9. King Jesus 10. A Better Me 11. God Is 12. Hold On

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