The 30Love: What does LOVE mean to you?

Lisa Wiseman, the photographer behind The 30Love, tells us about the inspiration behind the project, and why she chose GLIDE as its beneficiary.
Make sure to check out The 30Love exhibition at LUX-SF Daylight Studio, tomorrow, July 3rd at 5pm!
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The 30Love from Lisa Wiseman on Vimeo.

What is The 30Love?
I created The 30Love to mark my 30th birthday. It is a worldwide charitable photography project benefiting GLIDE in San Francisco. My goal is to raise $30,000 in 30 days by engaging participants with technology and photography and by asking them to think about what love means to them.

What inspired the idea for this project?
I was inspired by my dear friend, Lisa Piantanida, who uses holidays and other special occasions to do large-scale fun charitable projects. We honed the concept over time and built an unique interactive photography constellation as the vehicle by which users engage with The 30Love participants. When the constellation is zoomed out, the constellations’ dots “run away” from your mouse cursor. As you zoom in, the dots have less resistance and become images, each of which represents an individual 30Love participant. Once zoomed in far enough, you can click on any photo and you’ll be able to view that user’s photo, name, location and quote about what love means to them. In this way, The 30Love is a global time-capsule of what love means.

How did you come to GLIDE?
I have volunteered with GLIDE for a few years now. GLIDE is a perfect fit for The 30Love because they have the radical belief that unconditional love breaks the cycles of poverty and marginalization. Seeing an organization operate with this core principle is rare, and watching their success is even more wonderful. GLIDE’s core belief in love really inspires me.

What is your hope for those who experience The 30Love?
Beyond fundraising, this project allows me to explore my interlinking passions for photography and technology. Knowing that people all over the world will spend a moment thinking about what love means to them is my core personal motivation. I hope the project engages on a global level so that viewers can visit the website to explore the various dimensions of what love can mean around the world.

The 30Love Constellation

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