Twitter @GlideSF

By: Lindsay Schauer (@SchauerTime)

About me: I’ve worked at Twitter since January 2010 on Twitter’s user support team, and spend a good part of my time working on company culture and values projects.

When Twitter began to think about moving to mid-Market more than a year ago, many of us were eager to get involved in what would be our new community. One organization we knew about was GLIDE, and all the critical programs it offers. So it seemed like the perfect place for us to get acquainted.

Last Thanksgiving, nine of us volunteered to serve breakfast and quickly realized what an incredible world GLIDE is. The two hours of our morning meal shift flew by. We served hundreds of people, and my coworkers smiled uncontrollably throughout. The experience helped us all feel more connected to the neighborhood in which we now work. The experience also reminded us what’s important in life: openness and love for everyone who crosses our path each day. Taking those lessons into our work day has made us a better and stronger team and given us a perspective on our community that many San Francisco workers never get.

Not surprisingly, Twitter folks couldn’t wait to come back to GLIDE, and in the last eight months quite a few of our teams and individuals have volunteered. One of the valuable gifts GLIDE gives is an understanding of our differences — and our commonalities. Many of us spend our lives living around, socializing with, and working alongside people who are just like us – from the same background, ethnicity, or social class. So it’s easy to look with fear at those who are different. This fear feeds a lot of the problems we see in our city and our society.

Twitter volunteers get ready to dig their hands into the soil at GLIDE’s rooftop garden.

GLIDE breaks down those barriers to dispel that fear. When you connect with someone over a plate of food, you can’t help but see and feel a shared human bond. We’re all more similar than we think, and we can help each other more than we know.

For the 100+ Twitter employees who’ve spent time at GLIDE during the past seven months, I’d like to thank you for giving us perspective and showing us how to love our community with a more open heart. We can’t wait to work with you more.

Twitter volunteers at the Cecil Williams Community House rooftop garden
Twiiter volunteers getting ready to serve lunch to the GLIDE community.
Twitter volunteers taking a quick break for a photo.