What does Pride mean to me?

by Rusc Trinidad-O’Keefe, GLIDE Pride Team and LBTQ Women’s Group

“What  does Pride means to me?” Pride Belongs to Everyone! “Did someone proclaim she was a Pink mom at Sunday’s celebration?” As a gay woman/man, this is what GLIDE means to me.

These are the questions that have been posed to me about being a member of the fabulous GLIDE Pride Team. Words cannot truly express how natural it feels to be a part of different groups of people brought together for one magnificent common goal: to march with GLIDE in this year’s SF Pride Parade.

I am (and we are) “in the House” working together as a community, complete acceptance of who we are, not what we are. God, I Love, Love, Love that! I am totally a team player.
Also, being a single mother of three grown children, I’ve impressed upon them to embrace differences and difficulties; to invite people to come to our safe place and stay a while.




Let’s talk, eat, cry, sleep, sing , dance and walk away knowing that there’s always a safe place.  A place to go where I will listen and share my thoughts if asked. That’s My House. My kids friends and classmates knew this going through school; today, as young adults, they know they can come back to visit My House from time to time.
GLIDE is that for so many and now for me. I came to GLIDE broken with severe “empty nest” syndrome and didn’t know how to define myself except to be “mom.” My dear friend Chaz Kujak encouraged me to join the GLIDE Ensemble.  For the first time in my life, I was nervous that I couldn’t pass the audition. Today, I am proud Ensemble member and am so very Blessed! Shortly after I joined the Ensemble, the LGBTQ Women’s Group was formed and I was right there for the first meeting. Meeting the Women who love Women at GLIDE was and continues to be amazing, with a connection so deep that nothing can touch it!
When the members of the Gay Bi-Men’s group invited the LGBTQ Women’s group to join them in planning last year’s GLIDE Pride contingent and float design, I was excited!

This is for all of us in a shared statement for equality and this must be heard: End hunger, End homelessness, End violence, and End discrimination of those who are different! Encourage compassion, Love, Inclusivity, Hope, Inspiration and be more of the person we are meant to be by our own definition!
GLIDE is the nest where people come to be nurtured back to life and get out to the world and do something wonderful!

Working with a team of incredible people, well that blows me away.  Being a participant of Glide Church is food for my soul.
So, what does Pride mean to me?  Inclusivity! In my heart, we’re all members of a family that is of our choosing and that is priceless!

Pride is for everyone because it’s about everyone! Therefore, I encourage all of you fabulous people from the LGBTQ communities, our Hetero-Fabulous members and even those East Bay, South Bay, Marin Bay and self-proclaimed Republican members to join the GLIDE Pride contingent on Sunday, June 26th in the SF Pride Parade because it is All about you and me and baby, like it or not, we are family!I am a proud lesbian, Pink and hetero fabulous mama, almost 50 and I am GLIDE!