Why is change so hard?

by Kristen Growney Yamamoto, co-Executive Director
I happen to be a person who likes change—I’ve never been afraid to change jobs, frequently change hairstyles, moved apartments—yet often before a change, I feel anxious and sometimes a bit fearful.  When it’s just me, I thrive on a bit of anxiety—it spurs me forward in a positive way.
Now my job revolves around motivating people and, often, to initiate change.  Change is not easily embraced by many of us.  GLIDE has been through enormous change over the last year –our donation support dropped as the economy faltered, our CEO left, and we eliminated dearly loved programming that we could no longer support.  These changes were HARD work—it was not fun and I said goodbye to many friends and colleagues.
Yet, GLIDE has persevered and is stronger, more flexible, more creative, and closer-knit than it was before these changes.  The energy of commitment to GLIDE is back and you can feel it!
I feel the benefits of the difficult choices and changes that we made here.  As I notice the energy and excitement, I’m asking myself… Why is making a change so hard to initiate?