xo, EO

EO stands for Extra Ordinary in partnership with GLIDE Community Housing

On a Wednesday in June, residents of GLIDE Community Housing (GCH) received a special delivery in the form of a blue 15-gallon plastic drum with a tall spigot on top. Accompanying the drum was a smiling Meredith Soden from EO®, the Marin-based company offering a range of popular personal care products as well as a passionate commitment to natural materials, ethical business practices, sustainable manufacturing—and spreading the love to its neighbors around the Bay.

Inside the drum? A fragrant lavender-scented all-purpose soap, made of natural, organic ingredients.

This wasn’t a one-time donation either. Meredith was there on behalf of EO to launch a new program built for the communities at GCH’s Taylor Street building (Cecil Williams House) and at 149 Mason. In addition to the big blue drum, she brought with her dozens of 16-ounce individual dispensers, one for each household, and each with a specially designed label on it featuring the words “daily soap” beneath the outline of a heart.

“We have this great product and we wanted to share it with people who need it,” explains Meredith, who works as the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager. “And we wanted to create a [version] that speaks directly to the residents there,” she adds, referring to the uniquely designed packaging.glide_eo_1
EO is a family-owned business that started in San Francisco in 1995, and soon after relocated to a 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Marin. As it has grown, it’s remained dedicated to healthful products and giving back to its communities. In a recent blogpost about the partnership with GLIDE, Team EO writes, “We believe that our world is interconnected [and] in touching our greater community through donations and support. . . . EO is surrounded by many organizations dedicated to sharing love and compassion. We’ve found a great partner in GLIDE.”
With the soap refill program, residents of GLIDE Community Housing can refill their bottles with the all-natural, multi-purpose liquid whenever they run low. EO will make sure a freshly filled drum is available at the residents’ on-site farmers market, for maximum ease and convenience.

“The idea is to have it be an ongoing, ever-green system,” says Meredith. “GLIDE’s our launch partner,” she adds. “We want to take this model and find other venues for it.”

Since that Wednesday, residents have greeted the program with enthusiasm.

“I really love this product,” says Kathryn, “I’m so blessed to have it. It’s nice on my skin and I love that I can use it for everything.”
“Thanks for making this bottle just for us,” adds Mr. Ron. “Me and my family use it for everything, and it saves me a little money that I can use to pay a bill.”
“I love the way it smells,” says Donte. “Thanks for making it available for us.”