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COVID Safety Protocols at Glide Memorial Church – March 18, 2023 

We’ve reached another pandemic milestone in resiliency, unconditional love, and extravagant welcome. In alignment with the lifting of COVID safety protocols across the Glide Organization and changes locally and nationally, Glide Memorial Church is changing our in-person Sunday Celebrations protocols. We will continue to utilize the best practices in COVID safety, including air purifiers, safety guidelines for our tech, talent, and office teams, and hand washing stations. We will keep celebrating!

It is now your choice to wear a mask during Sunday Celebration.

We are being guided by the updated health and safety measures, guidance, and regulations specified by the CDC, the California Department of Health, and the San Francisco Department of Health; these new measures will be implemented at GLIDE and Glide Memorial Church starting March 19, 2023:

  1. Good Health is our top priority. Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
  2. Masking is now voluntary. People may choose to wear them at any time. Please oblige if you are working with someone who asks you to wear a mask. PPE stations with masks and hand sanitizer are available at the Taylor Gate entrance to Glide Memorial Church’s Sanctuary and Freedom Hall.
  3. Glide requires all employees and contractors who enter the workplace or attend GLIDE events to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  4. Employees will continue to use the visitor management system to record their entry into our building.
  5. Glide is now open to communal eating in our buildings. Our clients will continue to be served meals outdoors until we are able to renovate our dining room and air circulation systems to ensure their health and safety.
  6. Starting March 19, 2023, Freedom Hall, our Church Fellowship Room, reopens to clients, congregation, and community to enjoy Sunday Celebration while coffee & Danish are served. If you are interested in volunteering to serve coffee in Freedom Sunday Celebration for either the 9 am or 11 am shift, please email us at churchoffice@glide.org to sign up.

Thank you for being beloved community and for expanding how we practice radical inclusivity.

In all the ways you help to keep our community safe, we are grateful, and we’ll see you Sunday.

As Always, Love Always,

Minister Marvin K White