GLIDE's Alabama Justice Pilgrimage

The Alabama Pilgrimage is an immersive, experiential learning program of GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ) that seeks to tell the truth about American history, highlight inequities in health, economic, and criminal justice outcomes, articulate connections between slavery and mass incarceration, and interrupt current, incomplete narratives about oppression, crime, and punishment.  

Read Rabbi Michael Lezak’s message to GLIDE’s Board of Directors and CSJ Senior Director Holly Joshi’s introduction to the Alabama Pilgrimage below.

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Read Rabbi Michael Lezak's message to GLIDE's Board of Directors
holly, joshi, alabama
Read CSJ Senior Director Holly Joshi's Introduction to the Alabama Pilgrimage

View Photos from past GLIDE pilgrimages to Montgomery, Alabama

Videos of Ms. Mary Anne Pettway and Ms. China Pettway of the Gee’s Bend Quilter’s Collective in Gee’s Bend, Alabama.

The Legacy of Justice, Equality and Love for All Lives On

It was like camp…

by Kendra Hypolite

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If camp meant 12-14 hour days 

If camp meant spending more time with your colleagues than ever before

If camp meant crying as your confront and reflect on this country’s history of slavery through mass incarceration.  

If camp meant spending hours on a bus driving through rural Alabama.  

If camp meant being vulnerable with people you barely knew 3 days before

If camp meant processing for hours each day about the people you met, the images you saw, and the stories you heard.

If camp meant sharing space with people from UCSF that you would never have had the opportunity to be with in another setting.  

If camp meant feeling like you’re leaving Alabama a changed person but you’re not sure how

If camp meant you got to witness the resilience, courage, resourcefulness and joy of Black people, especially other Black women.  

If camp meant every day you thought about how you can take this experience back the Bay, back to your home, back to your workplace and use it to propel you forward in the work towards racial and health equity.

It was like camp.