Glide Memorial Church Announcements

November 2022

Glide Memorial Church Sanctuary Doors are Open for

In-Person/Hybrid Sunday Celebration

9:00 and 11:00 am 

In-person at 330 Ellis Street, in San Francisco’s historic Tenderloin District

All attendees are required to honor our safety protocols, including indoor masking and social distancing.

Attend online Facebook Live or YouTube

Dial in by Phone (855) 412-3177

Love Has Won by a Landslide!

I’m so looking forward to learning from, working with, and sharing the present and
future reshaping of Glide with these amazing organizers, co-workers, and
friends. And I’m looking forward to the work of Glide Memorial Church doing its
part to live into a world there’s a Glide United and a united Glide.-Minister Marvin K. White

While history has two sides, Glide won’t.

Glide Kids

Glide Kids meets bi-weekly and is open to all children between 3 and 12 years old

Children who attend Glide Kids are nurtured by dedicated members of the Glide Church community through storytelling, art activities, songs, play, and more.

Sign Up for Glide Kids

Join us in Freedom Hall After Sunday Celebration

In Person and on Zoom 

Congregants, ministers, Ensemble members, and friends, new and old, gather to enjoy and deepen relationships, extend the inspiration and joy of the service just experienced and increase the Church’s involvement as a spiritual community, as a social justice movement, and social service provider in addressing the needs of the community.

Sing with the Glide Ensemble!

The Glide Ensemble sing, play, clap and sway, spreading the spirit of empowerment in an infectious message of diversity, acceptance and love.

Choose a song that really speaks to you in a soulful way

Make a 3-5 minute video of yourself singing the song from start to finish

Send the video, via email, to the Glide Music Program

Outreach Ministry

Stop by the Church’s Fellowship Table, every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, located at GLIDE’S Tenderloin Community Resource Hub on Ellis Street. The Fellowship Table is part of the Church’s “Ministry of Presence” and community organizing, and is a public space for compassionate care, respite, prayer, and community connections.

We’re Hiring!

Ready to bring your gifts and skills to a spirituality, mission, vision and values-driven organization? Join our Glide Memorial Church team and work towards bringing more love and hope and healing into the Tenderloin and into the world.

Director, Church Operations
Annual Giving & Engagement Manager

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