Volunteer FAQ During COVID-19

  • Is GLIDE mobilizing volunteers at this time?

    We are not currently accepting new Meals Program volunteers, and will not yet return to accepting walk-in volunteers, nor volunteers under the age of 18. Our department is working towards reassessing current and opening new volunteer opportunities given the recent reopen of the California Economy and the loosening of COVID restrictions. We look forward to welcoming you back to service soon! For information about our onsite event-based or remote volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Office directly to discuss your interests and availability.

  • Are there remote volunteer opportunities currently available?

    Yes! If you are interested in volunteering remotely, please contact us and we will provide you with our GLIDE care item drive handout.

  • What happened to the Volunteer Shift Sign Up Calendar that I used to see and use?

    We want to remain thoughtful and cautious about how we invite volunteers back into our community during COVID-19. However, in trying to follow the health orders and slow the spread of COVID-19 exposure in our community, we have decided to momentarily pause general volunteerism. As such, we’ve paused our self-sign ups via our calendar platform.

  • What if I need to complete community service hours as a part of a mandate (e.g. courts, Project 20, ticket citations, etc.)?

    We are currently enrolling a limited number of community service hours participants at this time. Please email us at volteam@glide.org or call us at 415-674-6081 to be notified of our waitlist status, as well as to go over scheduling options with you.

  • Is GLIDE currently accepting General Assistance Workfare Participants?

    San Francisco has paused this program temporarily. Please contact your case worker for more information and/or email us at volteam@glide.org or call us at 415-674-6081 for updates. We will provide you with updates if they are available to us through the City’s GA Office.

  • Does GLIDE have an age requirement for volunteers?

    As stated in the first FAQ, we are not currently taking volunteers at this time. As we begin to approach a gradual reopening and slowly reintroduce general volunteerism, we will be assessing when and how to include those who are under the age of 18. Please check back as the summer progresses. We hope to have more information before the start of next school year.

  • What measures has GLIDE implemented to protect current staff and volunteers?

    There are a host of safety measures that GLIDE has implemented to protect staff, volunteers and clients.
    Virtual Registration and Orientation

    When we are open for volunteerism again, volunteers may register for shifts online and/or by phone. All orientations will be offered virtually (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) or by phone to minimize in-group meetings. Volunteers may register for shifts online and/or by phone. All orientations will be offered virtually (e.g., Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) or by phone to minimize in-group meetings.

    Daily Health Screening
    Staff and volunteers answer health screening questions daily prior to their shift as required by SF’s Department of Public Health. As a volunteer, you will be required to answer these health screening questions prior to your shift.

    • Staff and volunteers have their temperatures checked using a no-contact infrared thermometer prior to starting their shifts.
    • Any staff or volunteer who does not feel well should cancel their shifts prior. Those who do not pass the health screening on site will be asked to reschedule their shifts.

    Lessened Exposure

    • Currently, only essential GLIDE staff and volunteers are allowed in GLIDE’s facilities after proper health screening. The number of GLIDE staff and volunteers on-site at any given time has been drastically reduced to minimize exposure and allow more space for physical distancing.
    • GLIDE’s Volunteer Office is focused on primarily recruiting volunteers who can commit to regular recurring shifts. This helps to lessen exposure overall.

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    • Per state mandate, all staff and volunteers are required to wear a face covering while on the premises. Volunteers will be required to maintain their face coverings while at GLIDE for the entire duration of the visit. We encourage you to bring your own, and we have additional supplies should you forget or need a replacement during your shift.
    • Per food safety and health code, all volunteers will be required to wear disposable gloves, aprons and hair nets.
    • Hand sanitizers will be made available at various PPE stations for when hand-washing is not possible.


    • GLIDE has increased its daily sanitation of common areas.

    Visual Cues and Posted Health Information

    • GLIDE will post in common areas any pertinent health information as it relates to the coronavirus.
    • Floor decals indicating 6-feet physical distancing, maximum-capacity signage for common areas, and other visual cues are some of the tools we have deployed to keep everyone safe.