GLIDE Volunteer FAQ

  • How do I sign up for the holiday shifts?

    If the shift is available, choose the shift, and select individual or group. If you pick group, the maximum number for groups during the holidays is 4. You must enter each person in your group in order to reserve your spot.

    Next, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. When you get your confirmation, please print it out and bring it with you or have it ready on your mobile device when you arrive. This will help speed the check in process and enhance your community service experience.

    Our holiday shifts fill up quickly. If you’re not able to sign up it’s because the shift is full. We encourage you to channel your holiday spirit and sign up for our volunteer shifts in January 2020. January is our slowest month for volunteers. We’d love to welcome you then, and we appreciate your community service!

  • How can I add or delete volunteers from my group?

    Go to the Volunteer tab on our website. You will see a “My Volunteer Info” button.

    Click on My Volunteer Info and enter your name and email.  You will receive a link to your volunteer information and shifts.

  • What is your policy regarding minors volunteering?

    Please click on this link for our guidelines on volunteering with minors.

  • Why can’t I cancel my group or individual shift?

    We understand things come up and emergencies happen. You can cancel a shift online if you do so at least two weeks before your scheduled shift. For cancellations within the two-week period before the shift, you can email your cancellation directly to the Community Engagement and Volunteer Team at volteam@glide.org.

  • Does signing up for a shift automatically give consent to the liability waiver?

    Yes, and if you are a group lead, you will receive a group modification link to add individual volunteers to your group. This will send the individual volunteers a confirmation email with access to the waiver language.

  • How can I get my volunteer or group shift information?

    Go to the Volunteer tab on our website. You will see a “My Volunteer Info” button.

    Click on My Volunteer Info and enter your name and email.  You will receive a link to your volunteer information and shifts.

  • How do I sign up to volunteer?

    Go to the Volunteer tab on our website and click the “Volunteer Now” button.  Look through our shift calendar. Once you have chosen a shift, click the “individual sign up” or the “group sign up” button on the right and enter your information.

  • What do I do if I’m having trouble signing up for a shift?

    Try using a different browser (Chrome is preferred) or restart your computer. If you’re still having trouble please email us at volteam@glide.org

  • Do I need to do an orientation?

    Orientations are designed to provide context that we hope will enrich your experience. However, we do not have volunteer orientations for weekend shifts or for weekday breakfast. We do have orientations for prep, lunch and dinner shifts Monday – Friday at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

  • How do I become a long-term volunteer?

    Become a volunteer in one of GLIDE’s many programs! Work with children, get involved in the HIV Services center, assist at Sunday Celebrations, help the Development office, and more. Committing to volunteer once a week for at least 6 months is required.

  • What is an on-call volunteer?

    On-call volunteers are people who can potentially volunteer at short notice. These are folks with flexible schedules, who may be retired, work part-time, live nearby, or just want to keep busy. We reach out to on-call volunteers within a week and up to the same day as a given shift. If you are interested in joining this vital group, please contact us at volteam@glide.org!

  • What is the maximum number of volunteers per shift?

    Breakfast shifts can use up to 30 volunteers, prep shifts 15, lunch shifts 25, and dinner shifts 25. We may be able to accommodate larger groups in certain cases—for more information, please contact us at volteam@glide.org

  • How should I dress for my volunteer shift?

    Please wear comfortable clothing, as you will be on your feet and moving around. We do not allow open-toed shoes, tank tops or sleeveless shirts or blouses. If you wear a hat, you will not be required to wear a hair net.

  • Can I take pictures during my shift?

    You are free to take pictures of your group before your community service. Once the service begins, however, we ask that you place your phone and cameras away. This is both for the comfort and privacy of those you will be serving and so that you can be present and enjoy your service!

  • Are there lockers for bags and coats?

    Yes. After your orientation, you will have the chance to place your personal belongings in a locker for safe keeping.