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Bringing Innovative and Compassionate Solutions

GLIDE plays a critical role in bringing innovative and compassionate solutions to address the increasing challenges facing our community. As a leading service provider and social justice organization located in San Francisco’s culturally vibrant Tenderloin neighborhood, we see the challenging realities every day. We are acutely aware of the health and economic impacts of the pre-existing crises of unaffordable housing, food insecurity, poverty, substance use, and lack of opportunity.

Proximate to these vulnerabilities, as the organization builds on our nearly 60-year legacy of continuing to serve those most in need, GLIDE is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges head on, and the organization remains committed to community driven, culturally relevant solutions to overcome systems of oppression and shape a more equitable society. Founded in 2013, GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice (CSJ) influences public policy and changes public perception around poverty, discrimination, and civil and human rights. CSJ does this through thought leadership, policy development, grassroots organizing, and education. To change the systems that beget disparate outcomes, we amplify community voices, advocate to correct unjust laws, and implement better policy, legislation, and investments in life-affirming resources.

CSJ’s priorities include the following four areas of focus:

  • Homelessness and Housing
  • Community Health
  • Racial Justice and Reconciliation
  • Intergenerational Support for Women and Families

While CSJ works closely with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level, our most important breakthroughs come from uplifting the voices of the GLIDE community. Policy and Legislative recommendations are developed based on collaboration with community-based organizations providing direct services to impacted persons, advocates, technical assistance providers, researchers, and local and state officials.