Rooted in San Francisco, building a movement based on unconditional love towards a more just and equitable world.

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GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice works to build a social justice movement to influence public policy on poverty, food insecurity, housing, discrimination, racial justice and human rights.

We do this through grassroots organizing, community education and engagement, thought leadership, and policy development. We convene community members and policymakers to amplify the voices of the community. In addition, we mobilize GLIDE clients, congregants, volunteers, supporters, and neighbors to become agents of change.

We invite you to join GLIDE and help advance racial and social justice for all.

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Our Work

We believe in a world that is fair, loving, and just.

We believe that we all have the power to be our best selves.

We mobilize the community to advocate and build a movement to influence public policy. Join GLIDE and become a Justice Warrior.

We amplify community voices and implement better policy, legislation, and investments in life-affirming resources.

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Center for Social Justice Staff

Our organization is lead by a diverse cross-section of dedicated individuals from and for the community.

Miguel Bustos

Chief of Global Initiatives & Senior Director for the Center for Social Justice

Isoke Femi

Senior Training and Development Specialist

Wesley Saver

Senior Policy Manager

Rabbi Michael Lezak

Social Justice Director

Eleana Binder

Policy Associate

Hannah Van Aelstyn

Social Justice Project Coordinator

Erick Arguello

Advocacy Manager