GLIDE's Mission

GLIDE is a leading social service organization, a social justice movement and a spiritual community that has served those most vulnerable for the past 57 years in San Francisco. GLIDE offers individual and collective services and transformation through compassionate, sustained, comprehensive care to all in need.

We meet basic needs, stabilize lives, create pathways out of poverty, and work for systemic change. Our work is grounded in our values of radical inclusivity, unconditional love, truth telling, and celebration. We work on the front lines of poverty, look everyone in the eye, turn no one away, and transform lives.

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Our community is alive with powerful stories and testimonials

"The enormous amount of love and support that has poured in from the community has been the fuel for our front-line staff. Community members have ordered lunch for staff, purchased face masks, sent emails, called and stopped by. GLIDE staff come to work selflessly, many with families at home, to serve the community. Their dedication provides me with so much strength and perseverance. I have never felt prouder to be part of this team."

Joselyn, Culinary Manager, Daily Free Meals program


“Yesterday was my first night sleeping on the streets. Today GLIDE lifted me up. This morning, everything fell into place. I went to the Women’s Center in the morning and now the Walk-In Center is helping me find shelter.”



"Glide is my life."


“When I see those lines of people out there, many of whom might have slept in a bag for who knows how long—it’s just a little thing that we can do to help them. My parents were always really good about trying to help out and donate. That just seems like part of what I am, too.”


“GLIDE is amazing. I love the diversity and the unity. This place is all about love.”


"I’ve been coming here for two years - to both the church and recovery circles. GLIDE has taught me how to love myself and overcome negativity."


RealTalk Blog

Explore some of the ways we’re putting unconditional love into action

Jun 25, 2020

The time for radical inclusivity is now

This weekend’s Pride celebrations will be unlike any other–they will mostly be virtual. Amid the global pandemic, the most profound social upheaval since the 1960s, we reflect on the origins of the LGBTQ liberation movement and GLIDE’s historical support of LGBTQ communities, including LGBTQ communities of color. Since the early 1960s, GLIDE has embraced the demand

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Jun 19, 2020
“We Are Here for You”

GLIDE’s Family, Youth and Childcare Center staff support families through exceptionally challenging times Despite needing to temporarily pause all on-site programming, GLIDE’s Family Youth and Childcare Center (FYCC) has been busy supporting its families in ways tailored to the particular challenges—and increasing need—brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. From the first days of the shelter-in-place

May 14, 2020
Men in Progress Online

An essential support for men overcoming violence is back up and running strong The COVID-19 crisis is forcing all of us to put much of our lives on hold for a time. But some things are too critical to defer or interrupt. For essential services like GLIDE’s Men in Progress (MIP) violence intervention program, new