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Transformative Programs

The Center for Social Justice believes that we can create a life and a world that is unconditionally loving, and radically inclusive. In the process, we seek truth, fight for justice, and create space for reconciliation.

The Center for Social Justice’s transformative programs revolve around deep and soulful introspective discussions, workshops, and experiences that inspire participants to become truth seekers and truth tellers in our world. As a result, together, we become the change that we need today.

Alabama Justice Pilgrimage

The GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice leads an annual pilgrimage to Alabama to visit and learn about the history of racism and how it has continued to morph in our country through systems of oppression, policies and laws. During the pilgrimage we visit iconic symbols of the Civil Rights Movement, including the 16th Street Baptist Church, the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and the Equal Justice Initiative’s Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Social Justice Academy

GLIDE’s Social Justice Academy serves as a community learning center, catalyzing the wisdom and expertise of those impacted by systemic inequities.

Through a 16-week, project-based fellowship, academy fellows will learn and implement the tools of community-based research, community organizing, and advocacy to positively influence public understanding of and government investments in equitable, culturally relevant, peer-based, low-barrier services, whole person services and strategies.   

GLIDE’s Emerging Leaders Internship

Every summer, university students from across the country participate in the GLIDE Emerging Leaders Internship. For ten weeks, students gain skills and understanding from our innovative services and programs. At the same time, students are immersed in GLIDE’s unique model of understanding, practice, inclusion, spirituality, and leadership.

An Officer and a Mensch

An Officer and a Mensch is a non-traditional leadership program providing peace officers, district attorneys and other law enforcement staff with the opportunity to build understanding and empathy with historically oppressed communities, and instructs participants how to establish bridges of trust to replace misunderstanding.

GLIDE’s Healers at the Gate

GLIDE’s Healers at the Gate program interrupts patterns of discrimination and harm within the healthcare system. Rooted in empathy and service, this program brings together healthcare campus staff, nurses, social workers, security, and other healthcare professionals in dialogue with people impacted by discrimination, miscommunication, and lack of empathy within the healthcare industry.

The program changes the perspectives of healthcare workers, deepens empathy, and interrupts patterns of harm inflicted upon Black Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) patients and families in healthcare institutions. The Healers at the Gate program is an immersive three-day local justice pilgrimage held at GLIDE and in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

Next cohort is scheduled for April. Healers at the Gate is a healthcare training program offered to UCSF medical staff.

GLIDE’s New Bridges

Summer Social Justice Workshop

New Bridges is an intensive workshop that works to undo social oppression by building intercultural alliances. New Bridges is based on the conviction that none of us are to blame for our conditioning, and that we all need a loving context within which to free ourselves from being oppressed and oppressing.

Throughout the course, we do not turn away from the harsh truths, but we do not use those truths as weapons against each other. Through a series of small and large group discussions and introspective activities, participants understand the various isms, such as adultism, sexism, homophobia, racism, etc…, and learn key strategies for unfastening them in our lives. Each cohort contains a diversity of identities to practice unlearning oppression and building alliances together.

3 Immersive Weekends onsite in-person
5pm-8pm Friday; 10am-5pm Saturday; 10am-1pm Sunday
June 24-26, July 15-17, August 12-14
Virtual sessions in small groups: 90m in the evening
June 30, July 7, July 21, July 28, August 4
specific times TBD
Cost: $300; full scholarships available, just get in touch.

Unconditional Legal Clinic

Closing the civil justice gap is crucial for GLIDE’s clients and community. Legal issues permeate many of the problems that plague our city, even seemingly non-legal problems.

The drop-in Unconditional Legal Clinic, operated in partnership with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, adds a crucial dimension to GLIDES comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of its community by offering free consultation and legal assistance, including representation and referral, to the most underserved residents of the Tenderloin and other neighborhoods.

The Clinic is the only free clinic providing legal services in the area.

Monthly Virtual Justice Series

Meet racial and social justice activists and elders celebrating the rich diversity in our world. Come and hear about current issues and learn how to lend your heart and mind to build a just world.