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GLIDE Social Justice Academy

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GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice is launching the Social Justice Academy to serve as a community learning center, catalyzing the wisdom and expertise of those impacted by systemic inequities.

Through a 17-week, project-based fellowship, academy fellows will learn and implement the tools of community-based research, community organizing, and advocacy to positively influence public understanding of and government investments in equitable, culturally relevant, peer-based, low-barrier services, whole person services and strategies.   

Requirements for fellows:  

·       Woman-identifying

·       Impacted by systemic inequities

·       Personal connection to San Francisco

·       Available for the dates of the fellowship

These requirements are deliberately broad to encompass a wide range of experiences.  

Dates: Wednesday, April 3rd – Wednesday July 24th 

Commitment: 5 hours per week total. In-person meetings for 3 hours per week on Wednesdays from 10 am – 1 pm and independent work outside of meetings for 2 hours per week.

Stipend: Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,550 for completing the entire fellowship (85 hours). Fellows will be paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Important Dates: 

·       Apply Now: 2024 Social Justice Academy Application (alchemer.com)

·       Application Deadline: 1/26/2024 

·       Interviews: 2/1/2024 – 2/29/2024 

·       Notification of Selection: 3/4/2024 

·       First Day of Fellowship: 4/3/2024 

GLIDE is a nationally recognized center for social justice, dedicated to fighting systemic injustices, creating pathways out of poverty and crisis, and transforming lives. GLIDE is on the forefront of addressing some of society’s most pressing issues, including poverty, housing and homelessness, and racial and social justice.

GLIDE’s mission is to create a radically inclusive, just, and loving community mobilized to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalization. Our Core Values emerge from GLIDE as a spiritual movement. They are rooted in empowerment, recovery, and personal transformation.  

GLIDE’s Center for Social Justice works to build a social justice movement to influence public policy on poverty, food insecurity, housing, discrimination, racial justice and human rights.

We do this through grassroots organizing, community education and engagement, thought leadership, and policy development. We convene community members and policymakers to amplify the voices of the community. In addition, we mobilize GLIDE clients, congregants, volunteers, supporters, and neighbors to become changemakers.

Our transformative programs revolve around deep and soulful introspective discussions, workshops, and experiences that inspire participants to become truth seekers and truth tellers in our world. As a result, together, we become the change that we need today.